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Berlin to go, english edition 2/2015

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SUCCESSFUL INNOVATION THROUGH COOPERATION The Business Technology Package from Berlin Partner offers instruments for the transfer of technology and innovation management with subsidy and financing possibilities More than a good idea alone is required today, in order to drive innovations in companies and secure technologies for use in the market. Because an exchange between science and industry is essential if new products and processes are to be successfully generated. Berlin Partner therefore employs the Business Technology Package with its diverse opportunities for the transfer of technology. “Small and medium-sized companies in particular can profit from cooperation with research establishments, scientific institutions or global players”, says Siegfried Helling, head of the Technology Services I Sponsorship I Financing division at Berlin Partner. His team cooperates with further players in technol ogy and business development to support a wide range of companies and projects. “In a time of complex system developments and cross-sector digitalisation, it is rare to find companies that have all the skills relevant to product development under one roof. Interdisciplinary cooperation with other companies and institutes therefore plays a major role here”, explains Siegfried Helling. Berlin Partner therefore supports the search for specialist cooperation partners from science and industry. “We also help for example with the concept development, project plan and the development of financing possibilities for innovation projects”, says Siegfried Helling. Berlin is the perfect location for this. Because in addition to numerous small and medium-sized companies, the capital also boasts a superb scientific and university landscape, as well as a high concentration of innovative and technology-orientated start-ups and large companies. Interested partners can get to know each other and enter into mutual discussions via specially organised cooperation forums. In the best case, they can then support each other in the development of new technologies right through to market maturity. And when it comes to patents, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology also provides assistance to the companies and utilises the SIGNO program promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The support initiatives help to legally safeguard and economically develop innovative ideas. Anyone who utilises the service of Berlin Partner can also avail themselves of the research opportunities in-house, for example when looking into published patent applications. “The entry support is provided free of charge. We generate a cost-based proposal for formula - t ing market research or feasibility studies”, says Siegfried Helling. The service has certainly proven its worth, as numerous examples show. From IT technology to the pharmaceutical sector, Berlin Partner brings together various companies and thereby promotes successful cooperation. gsk photo: Tilo Bergemann – Potsdam Transfer 24 BERLIN TO GO

SERVICE Successful cooperation azeti meets Cisco azeti Networks is a global manufacturer and provider of M2M technologies with comprehensive experience in the field of monitoring and managing complex industrial infrastructures. A further focus lies on IT-monitoring, as well as cloud-based industrial applications. And azeti is treading new paths here, shoulder-to-shoulder with Cisco. In cooperation with the innovation centre from Cisco, azeti has developed intelligent sensor systems that perform pre-selection and evaluation with large volumes of data. The Social Sensor Cloud from azeti Networks tackles the challenges posed by the Internet of Things. Berlin Partner has provided support to the company in contact initiation and with the preparation of corresponding development projects. Adakom meets Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG A special measuring system for capturing the operating characteristics of heat exchangers, and also for identifying the non-optimum operation of heat exchangers and issuing action recommendations for optimisation – this is the objective pursued by Adakom GmbH within its business segment. Adakom developed a non-invasive measuring process here, for the optimisation of the energy and operating efficiency of heat exchanger systems. In order to align the necessary development and research project with the customer requirements of the market, the company was seeking cooperation partners or pilot partners for trialling the measuring equipment and measurement processes under development. Berlin Partner established contact with a number of companies, who utilise a range of heat exchangers in their production processes. One of these companies is the globally active Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG. At the same time, Berlin Partner also supported Adakom in its search for a suitable funding programme for this project. Partner search for innovations Berlin‘s economy is booming, and that is due in part to the innovative strengths of the capital city‘s companies. Another reason is successful cooperation. For the purpose of networking science and industry, and strengthening market-relevant research and development in the area, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, the Berlin chamber of commerce and industry and the Berlin Chamber of Small Businesses and Skilled Crafts have established the cooperation platform The online portal presents the skills profiles and project plans of companies and scientific institutes, for whom cooperative partners are sought. The spectrum of projects here ranges from term papers and dissertations, right through to major research projects. Advertisement photo: iStock/peshkov BERLIN TO GO 25

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