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Berlin to go, english edition 2/2015

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DISCUSSION “BERLIN IS THE PERFECT INTERFACE” Industry 4.0 is the phrase of the moment – also in hospitals – A Berlin company is bringing the future to the world‘s clinics now Almost no other sector demands such complex technology as the healthcare industry, although the majority of manufacturers rarely offer truly complete packages for the operating theatres of this world. S-Cape intends to change this – and it is also for this reason that the innovative company relocated to Berlin. The reason why software developers love Germany’s capital city and just why Berlin is to become the base for the company’s expansion is explained by its managing director, Björn von Siemens. Mr von Siemens, first things first: What exactly does S-Cape do? Björn von Siemens (BvS): We were originally an IT company, which offered visualisation solutions and IT interfaces for the operating theatre, and we have now developed into a company that delivers Industry 4.0 to operating theatres – essentially the central information intersection in the operating theatre environment. With our solutions, from the simplest medical PC to the fully-integrated system in its most complex form, it is not only the operating surgeon that has rapid and straightforward access to all of the relevant information, but also the hospital administration or an external expert. This streamlines the processes, saves time and money, and – most importantly – enables more efficient, safe and targeted treatment of the patients. S-Cape has now installed over 5000 operating theatre solutions in over 1000 clinics in more than 50 countries. That sounds impressive. How big is S-Cape in reality? BvS: We are a growing company and we currently employ over 50 specialist members of staff, although this is set to rise. We are therefore the market leader in our niche area, even if considerably larger companies also exist who have teams involved in our sector on the side. Furthermore, our specialisation and open platform is our greatest trump card and is valued by our customers. There are a whole host of corporate groups that have many times your number of employees and are highly creative in tapping into new business fields. Why not enter into such a lucrative area as healthcare management? BvS: There is certainly more than one software company that would be interested in playing a part in this sector with its own software solutions – however, the field is so specialised and the requirements are so high that it is not at all simple to tap into this market. It is not only essential to have good software, but also robust hardware that is compatible with the challenging operating theatre environment. An operating theatre console is not only required to withstand constant cleaning with aggressive cleaning products, it must also survive collisions with an instrument photos: S-Cape 16 BERLIN TO GO

Portrait: Gerhard Blank trolley undamaged, and be classified as a medical device. Only those who remain fully independent of major manufacturers can offer a complete packaging in the operating theatre area. In this way, the surgeon can select the best medical devices on an individual basis and combine these with each other. Many systems that are on the market can only communicate efficiently with other systems that originate from the same company – that is like buying a computer that can only operate together with the USB stick, camera and keyboard from the same manufacturer. Central to the S-Cape portfolio is a range of award-winning integration solutions that are modular by design. Can you provide us with an example? BvS: Caresyntax® is a new brand that we established for the operating theatre en route to Industry 4.0. On the one hand it involves major projects, which result in elaborate solutions when completed, whilst it also encompasses new software technology and a user interface that enables the integration of these solutions. A vast number of different interfaces exist in the operating theatre: Accommodating all of these requires highly competent software developers, which we have on board, in order to develop a so-called “operating system for the operating room”. It doesn’t sound all that easy to find skilled developers for medical information technology. How decisive is the location in employee recruitment? BvS: When it comes to Berlin: Hugely important. The possibility of finding talent here in the city is better than almost anywhere else. That is due in part to the large volume of highly qualified students at the city’s own universities, and also the willingness of individuals to move to Berlin – which remains as great as ever. For example, we recruited an experienced project manager from Latvia, who moved to Berlin not only due to his work but also because one of the world’s most exciting cities awaited him here. For us this is a stroke of luck, because it is so difficult to find specialists that know their way around medical engineering and IT in equal measure. So it’s the soft skills that make Berlin so interesting? BvS: It’s not just that. Aside from the search for talent and customer loyalty, Berlin is also interesting for us as a medical engineering company because it boasts a large and diverse range of clinics. We are equipping ten opera ting theatres at the Charité this year, and we have already supplied over 100 devices Managing director Björn von to the various facilities. The Siemens talking to Berlin to go. close proximity to customers is also a very important factor – in particular when it comes to feedback. Or expressed in the language of S-Cape: Berlin is the perfect interface between the healthcare and IT sectors. And we are hopeful of a certain level of political support here in Berlin too. Up to now, our cooperation was highly fruitful and we naturally hope that it will continue in this way. And last but not least, it was decisive that we have major growth ambitions in Asia and the Americas, and our international customers can make their way to Berlin more easily. In other words, Berlin is an important base for the expansion of our company. Thank you for talking to us. Interview Julian Vetten BERLIN TO GO 17

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