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Berlin to go, english edition 1/2015

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Successfully advertise in Berlin‘s new business magazine For media information and more details please contact: LASERLINE Verlags- und Mediengesellschaft mbH Scheringstraße 1 · 13355 Berlin Telephone +49 (0)30 / 46 70 96-777 to go rlin -News zum Mitnehmen to go Berlin Business-News zum Mitnehmen T CITY Berlin WIRTSCHAFTS- FAKTOR VERKEHR MOBIL DURCH DIE STADT to go Business-News zum Mitnehmen SMART SMART WIRTSCHAFTS- FAKTOR VERKEHR MOBIL DURCH DIE STADT INDUSTRIE 4.0: Ein Blick auf die vierte Revolution mit GE ie Ziele des B

TABLE OF CONTENTS NEWS TO GO The capital is booming 6-9 Current figures, projects and information DISCUSSION OF SMART CITY INNOVATIONS Smart, smarter Berlin 10 Berlin‘s “smart” vision of the future Quantum leap in development 11 GE and the “Industrial Internet” in Germany Hub of mobility 14 DB Station&Service AG about train stations of the future Birthplace of smart Berlin 16 The Cisco Innovation Center Berlin projects for smarter cities 18 From parking services to eco-friendly facades SERVICE Bringing the best minds to the capital city 20 How to attract international talent to Berlin Welcoming talented people 22 Dual Career Network Berlin and the Talent Portal Berlin as a gateway to the world 23 Services offered by the EU and International Service Berlin Partner‘s 7 service packages 24 Providing companies with customized services LOCATION The perfect location 25 The Business Location Center and Zukunftsorte Where the future lives 26 The EUREF campus – a smart city model The powerhouse in the southeast 27 Technology Park Adlershof: where past and future meet Making Humboldthafen smarter 28 HumboldtHafenEins: one of Berlin’s future top locations ELECTROMOBILITY The minds behind electromobility 29 Profiling 35 innovators, their ideas and projects STARTUP Self-charging streetlights and more 30 Smart charging solutions from Berlin startup Ebee POINT OF VIEW Deep in the west 32 Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and its highlights PROFILE Philipp Bouteiller: a man with visions 35 photo: Vmaster – BERLIN TO GO 5

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