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Berlin to go, english edition 1/2015

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POINT OF VIEW Three questions for ... Mayor Reinhard Naumann What sets Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf apart from the other boroughs in Berlin? “CW” is an acronym not only for City West, but also for our local “Creative World.” We have our own way of expressing creativity and diversity and stand for a culture of hospitality – aimed at both investors as well as people in need who are fleeing war zones to find refuge with us. Plus we have the Ku’damm! Borough Consultant from Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf: JAN BEREWINKEL Project Manager Business Promotion Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Fasanenstraße 85 · 10623 Berlin · Germany Tel. +49 30 46302-407 | Cell +49 172 3998-207 In what ways is the borough most often misunderstood? What preconceptions would you like to clear up? The central boulevard, Ku’damm, with its attractive shops, has been written off a thousand times and is now celebrating its 1001st great comeback. I am pleased that City West’s upturn has received the recognition it deserves well beyond the borough’s own borders. One misconception is that Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is boring. The exact opposite is true! When I go on my monthly walk through the neighborhood – every 2nd Saturday at 2 o’clock – I always come across something new. The borough has such an exciting variety of places to discover. I invite you to take part. Where in the borough do you go after work? Since I get off work so late, I don’t have much time in the evenings, so I prefer spending them at home with my husband watching the evening news or the heute show. You’re much more likely to find me while I’m performing my official duties, because I spend so much time out and about in the borough where I enjoy meeting the wonderful people who live and work here. Thank you for the interview. Interview Gabriele Schulte-Kemper Did you know … … that Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is home to as many companies, about 27,000, as the state capitals Dresden or Hannover? … that the oldest company in Berlin, Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, is 250 years old and located in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf? … that about one in ten Berlin residents lives in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and about one in six of the city’s companies is headquartered here? … that Beiersdorf produces its bath care products for all of Europe here? In other words: every Nivea shampoo you buy while on vacation in Spain was produced at Ernst-Reuter-Platz? … that about 20 percent of the city’s digital economy is headquartered here in the borough? photos: Reinhard Naumann/privat; Berlin Partner/fotostudio-charlottenburg; KPM Berlin; RuslanDashinsky/; Shawn Hempel - 34 BERLIN TO GO

PROFILE A man with visions Brief profile photo portrait: Gerhard Kassner; photo Tegel: Andreas Schiebel Philipp Bouteiller Mr. Bouteiller, what do you think makes Berlin so unique? Berlin has exactly what a city with international charisma needs: it appeals to young, creative people from around the world. Everyone wants to come here. People enjoy more freedom to express themselves here than in any other European city. And what’s more, there’s plenty of room here for all sorts of new ideas. Those who come here come with a purpose, they want to do something – and find what it takes to realise their plans. What challenges will Berlin have to contend with in the future? Like big cities around the world, Berlin will also have to address the key future issues: How will we live and, especially, how do we want to live in the future? Where and how we will work? Will our work-life and homelife continue to be as strictly separated as they are today? How will we get around in the city of the future? How will we make our downtown areas green, emission-free and more livable? How can we make our water and energy supply safe? These are the key questions that we are trying to address through our “Urban Tech Republic” project. Where do you go after work? Usually I work late into the night attending the countless events where the future of Berlin is often the topic at hand. But sometimes I get together with friends to cook and occasionally I might even get a chance to spend a quiet evening with my family – but that’s something I need to get better at. What would you recommend to someone who is coming to Berlin for the first time? Pick any normal work day and take the bus (upper deck, first row) for a ride across the entire city: watch the people, soak up the atmosphere. It will very quickly become clear to you how diverse this city is and what makes Berlin so unique. By the way, bus M29 takes the most varied route. Thank you for the interview. Interview Gabriele Schulte-Kemper Dr. Philipp Bouteiller (47) has been CEO of Tegel Projekt GmbH in Berlin since April 2012. He and his team are designing “Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic” set to be developed on the Tegel Airport site starting 2018 – following its closure. This is where the technologies for cities of the future will be developed and tested. This project, the only one of its kind in Europe, if not the whole world, requires both vision and the necessary background. And that is exactly what Philipp Bouteiller brings to the table. He studied social and business communication at the University of Arts Berlin, followed by economics and social sciences at the prestigious London School of Economics (M.Sc. and then a PhD in international management and social psychology). He worked at McKinsey & Company, Inc. before he set up his own business as an IT entrepreneur and strategy consultant. He focuses mainly on the fields of high technology and innovation management, infrastructure, mobility and renewable energies. LEGAL NOTICE Berlin to go – Business news to go is the magazine of Berlin Partner Publisher: Berlin Partners Holding for Capital City Marketing Ltd. Fasanenstraße 85 · 10623 Berlin · Germany Management Spokesperson: Dr. Stefan Franzke Managing Director: Andrea Joras Editor-in-Chief: Annabell Dörksen (legally responsible for content) Email: Telephone: +49 30 46302599 Published by: LASERLINE Verlags- und Mediengesellschaft mbH Scheringstraße 1 · 13355 Berlin-Mitte · Germany Telephone: +49 30-467096770 Fax: +49 30-46709666 Managing Director: Tomislav Bucec Editors: Gabriele Schulte-Kemper (gsk), Anke Templiner (at) • Assistant Editors: Julian Vetten (jv) • Copy Editor: Constance Bille Layout and Graphics: Hans-Albert Löbermann, Nadine Frohnert, Astrid Greif, Daniel Isbrecht Coordinator: Tobias Hesse Advertising: Sylvia Landsberg Email: Telephone:+49 30-467096777 Printed and bound by LASERLINE Digitales Druckzentrum Bucec & Co. Berlin KG Scheringstraße 1 · 13355 Berlin-Mitte · Germany Concept and Design: LASERLINE Verlagsund Mediengesellschaft mbH Circulation: 1.000 copies BERLIN TO GO 35

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