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Berlin to go, english edition 1/2015

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STARTUP SELF-CHARGING STREETLIGHTS AND MORE Smart charging solutions from the Berlin-based startup Ebee Smart Technologies (Ebee) – technology that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures Ebee Smart Technologies GmbH is headquartered on the EUREF-Campus together with many other companies and institutes committed to designing modern solutions for transportation and mobility. The Berlin-based startup with the catchy name develops and sells components for recharging systems. Ebee uses existing public infrastructure – from street lights to distribution boards – for charging electric vehicles, just like bees do with flowers in meadows, parks and gardens. It’s no surprise, then, that Ebee’s founders have also set up an actual bee colony on the EUREF-Campus to supply their campus neighbors with honey. Sustainable supply has many facets, it would seem. The idea for Ebee came in response to the question of how to design an intelligent and, above all, affordable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. That is exactly what Ebee’s seeks to address by creating a sustainable business model for charging stations and other infrastructures. The startup was initially financed by its founders, as well as through incentive programs such as Climate-KIC Accelerator and subsidy programs. The company now also receives support from an investor interested in furthering its development. Safe charging infrastructure Ebee’s charging infrastructure complies with standards and is perfectly safe. All vehicles can be charged using the type 2 plug, since the user identification and authentication occurs via RFID or app. In addition, the charger’s robust housing provides photos: e-27 Where no suitable “street furniture” is available, such as street lights, Ebee can provide separate charging points. 30 BERLIN TO GO

STARTUP Charging-station in front of the Ebee building. protection against vandalism. Another advantage of Ebee’s equipment is that its design is limited to just the essentials. The entire system is modular. That means it can be more easily adapted to existing systems, so it can be integrated into other manufacturers’ products and modified for regions with specific needs, such as the hugely important growth markets of the United States and China. This has led to collaborations with BMW (Light and Charge), EnBW and a partner in China. The heart of the charging point is the controller, which communicates with vehicles and provides a simple user interface for end users. Smart grid applications can also be easily deployed via existing interfaces. The charging point controller can be configured to provide any function and the layout of the charging infrastructure can be customized to fit any need. Berlin pilot project In early 2015, the Dutch-German consortium consisting of The New Motion, Allego and Alliander won a bidding for the project to install charging points in Berlin and get them up and running. Ebee and EBG created the charging stations as pilot projects for Allego. EBG will provide the larger charging stations and Ebee the smaller ones. The project got under way in late April and by the end of 2016 more than 400 charging points should be operational in Berlin. at Ebee charging point: user identification and authentication via RFID or app. BERLIN TO GO 31

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