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Berlin to go, english edition 1/2015

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A city is truly smart

A city is truly smart when cars are only driven on special occasions. The place to be for smart cities. #SmartCityBerlin

EDITORIAL “Smart City – projects for cities in the future” EDITORIAL Dear readers, May we introduce to you “Berlin to go,” the new Berlin Partner magazine. We have dedicated this issue to the future-oriented topic that is moving Berlin, its development into a “Smart City.” This development includes all the advanced technological and organizational concepts that are preparing modern large cities for the essential challenges of the future. By 2030, about 500,000 more people will be living in Berlin – that‘s the equivalent of an entire town. We therefore need smart solutions for a smart city. We bring selected companies to the capital city to develop Berlin as a reference city: we invite companies to Berlin so they can gain experience here before carrying it as a reference out into the world. Our capital city has set itself the goal of promoting sustainable concepts in a targeted manner and developing technologies from Berlin for the world‘s metropolises. photo title: Vmaster – ; Portrait of Dr. Franzke: fotostudio-charlottenburg With this magazin we are showcasing a selection of the numerous initiatives and projects and presenting Berlin to you as a “Smart City.” I hope you thoroughly enjoy reading this first edition of “Berlin to go.” We look forward to your feedback on this new magazine – just send an e-mail to Happy reading! Dr. Stefan Franzke BERLIN TO GO 3

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