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Berlin to go, english edition 1/2015

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SERVICE WELCOMING TALENTED PEOPLE The Dual Career Network and the Talent Portal are two services that Talent Service provides to help make it easier for professionals to come to Berlin Network for Career Couples The Berlin university and research landscape offers the ideal context for careers in science. But when scientists obtain a position at a university or research institute, one question is quick to follow: “How does this affect my partner’s career?”. The Dual Career Network Berlin (DCBN) provides a central point of contact for dual-career couples who are either new to the capital or planning to move there. The Dual Career Service offers assistance with career planning, searching and applying for a job, advanced training, as well as professional reorientation and other issues. This Berlin-wide, service-oriented network assists accompanying partners with any questions they may have about rebooting their career in Berlin or working and living in the capital region – including consultation and coaching services. Successful Portal for New Berlin Residents The portal, in operation for a year now, is intended to inspire well-qualified professionals and executives from Germany and abroad to come live and work in Berlin and provides numerous services to help make it easier for them to get their start in the city. The site uses a fresh, clear design to provide future Berlin residents with straightforward answers to many questions that are important when moving to the capital city. Talent Berlin offers extensive information on living and working in Berlin as well as numerous job options and information on residence and work permits. Useful and relevant information as well as specific services for new Berlin residents are presented in a wide-ranging and attractive format. It even has the latest tips on recreational activities and relocation checklists. Germany’s biggest job board, managed by the Federal Employment Agency, is also involved, providing those interested a look at career opportunities in Berlin and Brandenburg. A special highlight is the social media hub, an interactive tool that is creating an online community of its own. The platform can be used to ask and answer questions. This portal was established to help Berlin provide the kind of creative services that can attract the best talent. Since young professionals nowadays have so many options to choose from, Berlin must offer special services for them and highlight its advantages. It also helps make it easier for employers to find top talent. Up to now, they had to put considerable effort into developing services of their own; now there is a central platform that bundles all the services together. photo: 22 BERLIN TO GO

SERVICE BERLIN AS A GATEWAY TO THE WORLD The EU and International Service assists international projects through its VIP and Delegation Service, Enterprise Europe Network BB and trade show service photo: vege – The EU and International Service assists companies in developing global markets and searching for international partners through its Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg (EEN BB) and high-level international trade shows and events. It is increasingly important that Berlin-based companies take a more international outlook. Berlin, Germany’s most cosmopolitan city, is home to around 160 diplomatic missions, international business clubs, chambers of commerce and associations, as well as half a million people from over 180 countries. This makes the capital an ideal location for global activities. The Enterprise Europe Network Berlin Brandenburg (EEN BB) provides customized consultation and detailed information on innovation-oriented developments, initiatives and programs in the European Union. The network helps companies search for business, research and technology partners and supports them as they market their services and products abroad. With 20 European experts in the capital region, the network is closely associated with professionals throughout Europe. The network functions as a guide to extensive information from Brussels. EEN BB also manages the EU research and innovation program, Horizon 2020. Current EU information, cooperation and technology requests can be sent via e-mail or discussed in personal consultation. Contact: The H2020 E-Mail Service The H2020 E-Mail Service bundles together information on Horizon 2020 and provides information on current invitations, topics and opportunities for participation, as well as events and workshops in Brussels and elsewhere in the region. This information is sorted by topic according to specified areas of interest. The e-mail service is published every two months or as e-alerts for specific events. To subscribe, please visit BERLIN TO GO 23

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