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Berlin to go, english edition 1/2015

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BRINGING THE BEST MINDS TO THE CAPITAL CITY Burkhard Volbracht, Head of Unit Talent Service at Berlin Partner, tells Berlin to go how to bring international talents to Berlin More and more innovators as well as skilled professionals and executives from around the world are coming to work in the German capital, and that’s a good thing. Because the Berlin economy needs well-qualified workers so it can hold its own in international competition and continue growing. Berlin Partner has been working for a long time to make it even easier for professionals from Germany and abroad to live and work in Berlin. The Talent Service – one of the services offered by Berlin Partner – supports companies in their search for qualified employees and provides a comprehensive package of services via its “Business Talent Package.” Burkhard Volbracht, Head of Unit Talent Service, explained exactly what those services are and how they were received by businesses and business professionals. Mr. Volbracht, how and when did the Berlin Partner Talent Service come into being and what are its basic tasks? Burkhard Volbracht (BV): The availability of well-qualified talent is the decisive factor in choosing a location today. Managers prefer speaking with the first candidates as early as the decision-making phase in order to get a real feel for the location. We have taken that into account and completely redesigned the Talent Service. With our service, we want to prove that Berlin is attractive for highly qualified talent. On the other hand, we want to make the Berlin labor market as transparent as possible. We help employers gain visibility in Berlin while also showing job seekers how to find jobs and advance their careers in the Berlin job market. Can all companies use the Talent Service, or only Berlin Partner companies? BV: In principle, the Talent Service is available to all companies, though it’s primarily for those companies working with us on an economic development project. We primarily address Berlin recruiters whose work we would like to support through our services. On the candidate side, every talent may use What services does the Talent Service actually provide to interested companies? BV: We provide assistance with writing job descriptions and career webpages, bring together companies that are downsizing with those that are expanding, bundle job offers from across Berlin and provide support in welcoming new talent to the city. In addition to these concrete recruitment matters, we also provide support with regard to qualification and continuing education, help facilitate the transition from university to the private sector, as well as market Berlin and its employers at national and international job fairs. Lastly, we photo: Berlin Partner – Kirsten Breustedt 20 BERLIN TO GO

SERVICE provide help with questions on residence and work permits as well as advice for dual-career couples in the Berlin science community. Do companies use all the Business Talent Package services, or do they seek assistance with individual issues, such as promoting employees? BV: Use of the individual services varies greatly. Companies from abroad that are trying to get into the Berlin market have completely different issues compared with recruiters who have been scouting the Berlin labor market for years on behalf of Berlin-based companies. The Business Immigration Service, in particular, is currently in high demand. This service allows us to support those seeking residence and work permits. In addition to the job portal, what other portals does the Talent Service use to provide information? BV: The job portal has now been integrated into the portal The Talent Portal is a classic welcome portal where questions about the Berlin labor market and related issues such as schools, work permits, housing, etc. are answered. It is aimed at skilled workers and managers who are moving to Berlin or who already live here. The Talent portal is linked to the Berlin Sciences portal, since the Berlin science community turns out 25,000 graduates per year onto the labor market. We seek to provide them with targeted information about the Berlin job market. Which companies do you focus your efforts on? Are there sectors that are of particular interest? BV: We focus on every industry in Berlin. From our perspective, the IT and the services sectors are the most dynamic parts of the labor market. Will you be adding any new services in future? BV: As part of a continuous improvement process, we are currently examining our services to see which target groups are seeking which services and how often. Right now we are not planning to add any completely new services. Often there are many services, but they‘re either poorly integrated or not integrated at all. So there is still a lot of untapped potential in terms of meeting our target group’s needs. Thank you for the interview. Interview Anke Templiner Business Immigration Service (BIS) The Berlin Model – at the Workplace in just Five Days photo: LASERLINE Burkhard Volbracht with a welcome bag. Is there an offering of the Talent Service that is of particular importance to you? BV: Many consider Berlin a good place to make a start. With the Talent Service, however, we also want to position Berlin as a place for advancement. Berlin is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to make a career. In order to make Berlin known as a “great place for careers,” we are working hard on things like transparency, talent and welcoming newcomers. It was a perfect example of the city’s appeal when the director of the British Museum in London, Neil MacGregor, gave up his position there to take on a leading role at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. Berlin can’t get enough of new arrivals like this one. The Business Immigration Service provides for the quick and easy issuance of residence permits to entrepreneurs and highly qualified management personnel, all in just five days. Foreign companies, managers and highly skilled specialists and their families can resolve questions relating to residence status quickly and uncomplicated through the Business Immigration Service (BIS). This includes information about becoming self-employed or starting a business in Berlin (§ 21 Aufenthaltsgesetz, the law governing foreign residents); advice for employers on hiring foreign workers; first applications and renewals for residence permits (temporary and permanent residency), as well as on submitting fee-based requests to the employment office for approval to issue work permits. BERLIN TO GO 21

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