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Berlin to go, english edition, 04/2019

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CONTENTS COFFEE BREAK Lukas Breitenbach talks 24 to Vattenfall‘s CEO Tanja Wielgoß 10 Future worlds NEWS TO GO Eye on Berlin 6 News from the capital COVER Berlin’s bright future 8 The future of Berlin has many names Future worlds 10 The Futurium in Berlin encourages visitors to engage with the future Berlin’s “Zukunftsorte” 14 Eleven locations in Berlin where the future is already being conceived today Ideas for the day 16 after tomorrow How are we going to live and work in the future? PERSPECTIVES A symbol and 18 a statement Axel Springer’s new home is a visual symbol of the publisher’s latest transformation SERVICES For all free thinkers 22 Because Berlin is a new service for everyone not able to work in freedom in their home country STARTUP Thinking about 28 tomorrow today Sustainable nutrition – a popular option among young startups BERLIN vs. AMSTERDAM The two European 31 cities in comparison RECOMMEN­ DATIONS Highlights on Berlin’s 32 event calendar BERLIN TO DO What’s going on 34 Events, trade fairs and more Photo: © David von Becker LEGAL NOTICE Is a Berlin Partner publication Publisher: Berlin Partners Holding Capital City Marketing Ltd. Fasanenstrasse 85 10623 Berlin CEO: Dr. Stefan Franzke Editor in Chief: Lukas Breitenbach (V.i.S.d.P.) Tel.: +49 30 - 46 30 25 99 Published by: RAZ Verlag Am Borsigturm 13, 13507 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 - 437 77 82 - 0 Fax: +49 30 - 437 77 82 - 22 Managing Director: Tomislav Bucec Editors: Sarah Braut / Ltg. Gabriele Schulte-Kemper / Ltg. Heike Herckelrath Inka Thaysen Contributing staff to this edition: Christiane Flechtner Layout & Illustration: Daniel Isbrecht Translation: Barbara Serfozo Ads: RAZ Verlag, Falko Hoffmann Tel.: +49 30 - 437 77 82 - 20 Production: LASERLINE GmbH Scheringstrasse 1 · 13355 Berlin-Mitte Copies printed: 2,000 Exemplare Any media data used in this publication are taken from November 2018. 4

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