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Berlin to go, english edition, 04/2019

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STARTUP explains Mai

STARTUP explains Mai Goth Olesen of “Too Good To Go.” With the help of an app, customers can conveniently purchase excess food and then pick it up directly at the restaurant or café. “The restaurants determine when and at what price,” explains Jon Frisk. “The biodegradable take-away boxes and paper bags are provided by us.” The idea behind “Too Good To Go” originally comes from Denmark. The slogan featured on their flyers says: “Better to eat it at a low price than let it end up in the garbage,” and precisely this motto gets transformed into reality. There are now hundreds of restaurants and cafés – not only in Denmark but also in Berlin – offering their surplus food at certain times, usually just before they close their doors. Today, 31,650 partner companies are involved in “Too Good To Go,” helping to save more than 53 million meals and over 58,000 tons of CO 2 to date. Conclusion: All of us can do something to live more sustainably – for example, only buy what we’re really going to eat. The only things you need to do are have a little bit more discipline and change your everyday eating habits. Less is more – and food belongs in our mouths, not in the trash. If you’re interested in gaining more information, visit the newly opened “Acker & Teller – Information Center for Food/ Nutrition and Agriculture” at Friedrichstraße 130 A directly opposite the Friedrichstadt Palast. Young and old can learn more about how our food is produced, processed and prepared. 30

BERLIN VERSUS AMSTERDAM KIEZ VS. GRACHTEN What makes Berlin a great place to live in comparison to Amsterdam? 9°C Average temperature 24°C Average temperature summer 4,090 people/km2 Population density 7.8% Unemployment rate BERLIN vs. AMSTERDAM 9°C Average temperature 22°C Average temperature summer 3,940 people/km2 Population density 3.5% Unemployment rate €3.50 Beer €8 Meal/Lunch €81 Public Transport €4.50 Beer €14 Meal/Lunch €94 Public Transport €28 Gym membership €750 Apartment (1 bedroom) in city center €36 Gym membership €1,508 Apartment (1 bedroom) in city center €125 Basic utilities (monthly) €2 Taxi (1km) €128 Basic utilities (monthly) €2.35 Taxi (1km) HOT SECTORS HOT SECTORS Fintech Mobility Software & Analytics E-Commerce Life Science AgTech & New Food UNICORNS FUNDING ROUNDS UNICORNS FUNDING ROUNDS 7 (2010 — 2019) 244 (2018) 4 (2010—2019) 79 (2018) INVESTMENT VOLUME INVESTMENT VOLUME 2.6 billion 409 million Sources:;;;;;;;;;; global-startup-ecosystem-report-2019;;;; 31

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