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Berlin to go, english edition, 04/2019

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Die passende Wärmepumpe

Die passende Wärmepumpe für Ihr Haus. Die Baureihe Logatherm WLW196i im Titanium Design bietet modulare und hocheffiziente Luft-Wasser-Wärmepumpensysteme sowohl für die Innen- als auch Außenaufstellung. Solide Verarbeitung und Vernetzung sind für uns selbstverständlich. Interesse? Sprechen Sie uns an, wir beraten Sie gerne. Die Klassifizierung zeigt die Energieeffizienz des Systems mit Logatherm WLW196i-8 IR bzw. AR und Logamatic HMC300. Die Klassifizierung kann je nach Komponenten oder Leistungsgröße eventuell abweichen. Weitere Informationen zur Klassifizierung oder zum ErP-Label erhalten Sie unter Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH · Buderus Deutschland · Bessemerstr. 76A 12103 Berlin Tel.: 030/75488-0 Berliner Straße 1 16727 Velten Tel.: 03304/377-0 Am Magnapark 4 14542 Werder OT Plötzin Tel.: 03327/5749-110 Feldmark 9 17034 Neubrandenburg Tel.: 0395/4534-201 Hansestr. 5 18182 Bentwisch Tel.: 0381/60969-12

EDITORIAL DEAR READER, Cinema and television have an entire genre that deals with scenarios of the future. And sometimes a vision dreamed up by a science-fiction writer or director even ends up becoming a reality. A good example of this would be the legendary “communicator” device used by the crew of the USS Enterprise on Star Trek. When we look at this small gadget and its functions today, we could be forgiven for thinking that the makers of that TV series had predicted the modern mobile phone. Precisely this creative ability to gaze into the future – to explore and juggle fantastical ideas and concepts – has always given us human beings great pleasure. What lies ahead of us? How much further can our ingenuity take us? Where exactly are the limits of what is possible in this world? These are the types of questions being explored at the recently opened Futurium in Berlin. This “Haus der Zukünfte” (House of futures) invites visitors to explore the ways we might live and work in the future. The building’s architecture lives up to its name and offers space for exhibitions, podium discussions, experimental research and public debate. Read more about this exciting project on pages 10 to 13. Although not quite as futuristic, the traditional German publishing house Axel Springer is taking an equally ambitious approach to the future in the construction of its new office space in Berlin. The innovative structure represents a balancing act between old and new aims, thereby posing the question as to what exactly our work environments are going to look like in the future. The employees set to use the offices will have all of the advantages of the modern working world at their disposal; from co-working spaces to individual compartments for concentrated computer work, they will lack for nothing. In this issue of Berlin to go, we’ve attempted to catch a glimpse of the future of our city. And, indeed, contemporary developments in the areas of science and technology allow us to make a number of solid prognoses. However, if we reflect further on the Star Trek communicator, we have to admit that the cult gadget looks more like ineffective toaster, at least in comparison to our modern cell phones. In fact, even today’s obsolete mobile phones can do more than Captain Kirk ever dreamt of. In other words, reality is often capable of outshining even the most daring visions of the future. So let’s stay tuned! Sincerely, Dr. Stefan Franzke CEO, Berlin Partner 3

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