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Berlin to go, english edition, 04/2019

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TITLE IDEAS FOR THE AFTER TOMORR How are we going to live and work in the future? Countless innovative individuals and companies in Berlin are working on shaping our future – today. Some of their ideas are already applicable, while others still look like something taken from a science fiction novel. Text: Sarah Braut DRIVING CLEAN One key technology on the path to our zero-emission goal is hydrogen. Today, even the most modern vehicles can be operated in an environmentally sound way using hydrogen. However, in order to be truly efficient, we are going to have to be able to obtain hydrogen in an energy-neutral yet cost-effective way. This is exactly what Graforce Hydro is working on: by means of a patented process called “plasmalysis,” this Berlin company is making it possible to generate fossil-free and climate-neutral fuels from solar energy and wastewater. In fact, their future-oriented procedure allows them not only to generate hydrogen but also to purify wastewater. LEARNING TO FEEL The startup known as “GHOST - feel it” is using tactile user interfaces to enable people with sensory disorders to enjoy sensations again. The company‘s vision is to make it possible for those with protheses to feel their limbs again. The technology can also be applied in other areas, for example in the gaming sector. The automotive industry has also been keeping a keen eye on the work being done at this young Berlin company: pretty soon, we might be seeing intelligent car seats sending haptic warnings to drivers when they exceed the speed limit. DARING SOMETHING NEW The future Urban Tech Republic TXL on the grounds of Berlin’s former Tegel Airport is set to become the home of up to 1,000 companies and roughly 20,000 employees. The main goal of the project will be to foster young talent. For example, the Beuth University of Applied Sciences is planning to move into the former terminal with its roughly 5,000 students. The idea is to bring young talent together with decision-makers from industry and business at an early stage. The innovation park, which will be built on the site in the north of Berlin, is expected to generate a gross added value of roughly €2.2 billion per year for the city. 16

DAY OW THINKING MOBILITY “Driversity“ is a project involving 128 participants from 88 companies who have come together under the leadership of the Deutsche Bahn with the common goal of shaping the employee mobility of the future in an efficient, sustainable and ecological manner. Participants will investigate a broad range of new solutions: What advantages do e-bikes offer over company cars? Do employees always have to fly on business trips or would travel by train be better? How can mobile work contribute to relieving pressure on infrastructure and employees? Interested companies are invited to take part in workshops and explore new ways of tackling the themes of future mobility. DEVELOPING THE FUTURE Science fiction becomes reality at the Photonic Quantum Technology Innovation Forum in Adlershof. This is where topclass scientists are working to make future technology practical in its application. Among the areas of application are data encryption and the precise measurement of physical quantities. One product group in which quantum technology is already being used today is so-called atomic interferometers; these devices allow geo-research stations to measure the local acceleration of gravity and thus depict changes in the earth’s gravitational field. MARKETING EFFICIENCY The website of “Inhouse Engi neering” features a quote by Jules Verne: “The Energy of tomorrow is water that has been decomposed by electricity. Hydrogen and oxygen will secure the energy supply of the earth.” And this is exactly what the medium-sized Berlin company is working on, namely providing the private sector with efficient and low-carbon emission energy production that uses fuel cells. The “Inhouse5000 +” fuel cell cogeneration plant is already a success in delivering efficient, resource-friendly stationary energy supplies to multiple multi-family houses and public facilities. 17

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