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Berlin to go, english edition, 04/2019

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PERSPECTIVES BERLIN’S INNOVATION LOCATIONS Eleven sites in Berlin where the future is already becoming a reality BERLINER CAMPUS CHARLOTTENBURG Campus Charlottenburg, one of the largest inner-city university complexes in Europe, combines technology and creativity. These scientific research facilities are embedded in a modern district offering a rich array of retail, services and culture. Some of Berlin‘s most exciting startups are active here, companies that are already shaping tomorrow‘s science and technology today. WWW.CAMPUS-CHARLOTTENBURG.ORG SIEMENSSTADT BERLIN TXL Siemens’ current location in Berlin-Spandau is set to be developed and expanded into a modern city quarter by 2030. The existing industrial architecture provides an attractive environment for new working models as well as an excellent basis for new production conditions in the future. Yet another aim is to strengthen select key technologies and innovation fields by means of close cooperation between science and industry. Berlin’s Tegel Airport will be closed six months after the opening of the capital region’s new “BER” international airport. The site will be transformed into a research and industrial park for urban technologies called “Berlin TXL - The Urban Tech Republic.” Up to 1,000 small and large companies and a total of 20,000 employees will research, develop and generate goods and services at the Urban Tech Republic. More than 2,500 students from the renowned Beuth University of Applied Sciences will also move into the former terminal building. WWW.BERLINTXL.DE TEMPELHOF AIRPORT BERLIN SÜDWEST With a gross floor area of roughly 300,000 square meters, Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport is Europe‘s largest architectural monument. In the coming years, the airport complex is set to become a site of experimentation and a new urban district for art, culture and the creative industries. Since 2011, the company known as Tempelhof Projekt GmbH has been responsible for the preservation, restoration, operation and development of the airport on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing. WWW.THF-BERLIN.DE Berlin SÜDWEST has been one of Germany’s four major science and innovation locations for more than 100 years. A number of startups have emerged out of the many renowned scientific institutions operating at this traditional location, especially in the life sciences and biotech sector. The FUBIC Technology and Startup Center, which is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 2022, will create a campus and provide startups associated with the FU Berlin and other science institutions and established companies with space for synergies, communication, development and growth on 50,000 square meters. SUEDWEST.WISTA.DE 14

BERLIN HUMBOLDTHAIN TECHNOLOGY PARK CLEANTECH MARZAHN The Berlin Humboldthain Technology Park lies in the heart of Berlin. It is home to 160 companies working in such areas as automotive technology, mobility, energy, construction technology, environmental technology, microsystems and automation. Germany‘s first and oldest business incubator – the Berlin Innovation and Business Incubator (BIG) – is also part of this institution. WWW.TPH-BERLIN.NET As Berlin‘s largest industrial area, the CleanTech Park in Marzahn offers ideal conditions for companies specializing in sustainable and efficient technologies. With its mix of global players and small and medium-sized businesses, the site offers countless opportunities to share expertise and know-how with others. CLEANTECHPARK.DE EUREF-CAMPUS BERLIN-BUCH Energy, sustainability and mobility are the focus of the innovative work being done at the EUREF Campus. The location already fulfills the German government‘s CO2 climate targets for the year 2050. Cisco, Deutsche Bahn and Schneider Electric are just three of the more than 150 established companies, startups and research institutions operating at here. With the help of intensive collaboration and numerous partnerships, the EUREF community is working together to develop solutions for the smart city of the future. EUREF.DE Hot spot for biomedicine: Campus Berlin-Buch in the northeast of the city is a renowned location for the healthcare industry, life sciences, biotechnology and medicine. The BiotechPark Berlin-Buch is home to roughly 50 international biotech companies and startups. The business incubator here is set to grow by 10,000 square meters of lab and office space by 2022. WWW.CAMPUSBERLINBUCH.DE BERLIN SCHÖNEWEIDE BUSINESS & SCIENCE LOCATION Schöneweide has everything any sustainable business and science location needs to become a successful Berlin “Zukunftsort,” with over 10,000 employees working in technology and the creative industries. Berlin’s HTW University of Technology and Science is also located here. Schöneweide is already a breeding ground for successful startups, many of which have set up offices here in the technology and business incubator known as “Spreeknie (TGS)” and elsewhere. WWW.SCHOENEWEIDE.COM ADLERSHOF Once the cradle of German engine-driven aviation, Adlershof is now Germany‘s largest and most successful science and technology park. Over 1,100 companies and scientific institutions have set up operations here, including roughly 100 market leaders. Among the tech fields in which groundbreaking scientific insights are generating a steady flow innovative products and services are photonics, optics, photovoltaics and renewable energies, material and microsystems technology, environmental and biotechnology, IT and media. WWW.ADLERSHOF.DE 15

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