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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2019

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RECOMMENDATIONS SHORT CHATS WITH THE 2019 “BERLINER KIEZMEISTERS” Berlin is all about freedom, diversity, creativity, international flair and a love of experimentation – which makes the city an extraordinary place for food In 2019, Berlin Partner will be handing out the awards known as the Berlin Master Chef (Berliner Meisterköche) for the 23rd time. The members of the independent Master Chefs jury recently announced the nominees in the categories “Berlin Master Chef 2019,” “Newcomer of the Year 2019,” “Best Berlin Host 2019,” “Berlin Scene Restaurant 2019” and – for only the second year – “Berliner Kiezmeister 2019,” which can be very loosely translated as “master of a particular neighborhood flair unique to Berlin,” and whose nominees we would like to showcase here. Thanks to its inimitable history and present-day growth, Berlin is the city of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods or “Kieze,” and the “Kiezmeister” category spotlights five nominees who embody the enjoyment, tradition, quality of life and outstanding cuisine found in one neighborhood. Jury chairman Dr. Stefan Elfenbein: “Our Kiezmeisters inspire us all with their style and charm, with their natural wines from Bohemia, Moravia and Palestine, and with their open, retro cornerstores and “Tante Emma Läden” where they bake bread like in the old days. Germany’s first vegan zero-waste restaurant just opened up and is among Berlin’s top 5 ‘Most Fashionable’ restaurants.” 32

Blomeyer’s Käse, Charlottenburg Fritz Lloyd Blomeyer HOW LOCAL DOES GOOD FOOD NEED TO BE? I love cuisine that is seasonal and influenced by regional products. But I also love a number of other things you can’t find in and around Berlin, like oysters, lobster, wild salmon, etc. For me, good cuisine has to be made from good products, with love and understanding, and with regional products, if possible, but it’s not a must. Blutwurstmanufaktur Benser, Neukölln Marcus Benser WHEN I’M HUNGRY, I GO ... ? ... to my walk-in fridge and get a Bockwurst sausage! Well, maybe not all the time. There are so many great places to discover new food in Berlin, and all those small and lovingly operated kitchens in the city have my full appreciation. Just to name a few, Hackbert Burger Neukölln, Baraka Kreuzberg, Thai Cuisine Zehlendorf Mitte. Domberger Brot-Werk, Moabit Florian Domberger Photos: © Blomeyer‘s Käse, © Mara Klein, © Jörg Lehmann WHAT IS YOUR IMPRESSION OF BERLIN’S FOOD CULTURE? I would say Berlin’s food culture is slightly bipolar. On the one hand, you’ll find a lot of cheap food, simple and unhealthy stuff that fills you up and shouldn’t be questioned. On the other hand, there’s an increasing number of people calling for a more conscious and healthier cuisine, which is ushering in a more sophisticated and innovative food culture, which usually costs a bit more. I see Berlin’s food culture as being fast and changing and sometimes beautifully imperfect. 33

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