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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2019

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COSMOPOLITAN INTERNATIONAL ALL DAY SCHOOLS ALL EXAMS CREATIVE RELIABLE AND PROVEN GRADES 1–13 “Dare to be wise.” Immanuel Kant For 60 years we have provided a happy school environment for the children and adolescents entrusted to our care. We strive to connect with tolerance and respect, while dedicated teachers and state-of-the-art school facilities shape the daily classroom experience. Our educational work is designed to nurture critically-thinking, responsible and compassionate members of society who bravely face the challenges of the future. Kant-Grundschule personal atmosphere ∙ English from grade 1 to 6 ∙ guided homework hours Grunewaldstraße 44 · 12165 Berlin phone 82 00 70 900 Berlin International School Primary and Secondary school (E/G) offering BBR, MSA, IGCSE and IB-D examinsations Campus Dahlem · Lentzeallee 8/14 14195 Berlin · phone 82 00 77 780 Kant-Oberschule Secondary school up to Abitur Economics in English or German Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 360 Internationale Schule Berlin Primary and Secondary school (G/E) offering a Bilingual Abitur (university entrance) Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 35 Sie finden uns auch im Internet unter Verband Deutscher Privatschulen Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. Bildungseinrichtungen in freier Trägerschaft

EDITORIAL DEAR READER, This year we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of Partner für Berlin and thus a quarter century of capital city marketing. These 25 years were shaped by the success stories of one outstanding product above all, namely Berlin. Our city is like no other in Germany – always on the move, versatile, open and tolerant, reliably surprising, colorful and full of energy. It’s every marketing professional’s dream product, that is, a huge success story built on countless small successes. Our task at Partner für Berlin for the past twenty-five years has been to publicize these success stories and let them speak for Berlin across Germany and abroad. At times we highlighted the city‘s hidden treasures, other times we underscored its more obvious facets in ways that attracted great attention, and sometimes we asked Berliners themselves to take the stage and tell their own stories. Our objective throughout the years has always been to boost enthusiasm for Berlin as a leading business location among entrepreneurs, investors and talent, who then ideally go on to write even more new success stories. Partner für Berlin is indeed an expert storyteller when it comes to our city’s success. But our activities also leave their mark on the history and progress of Berlin. Together with the over 280 members companies in our Berlin Partner network and working hand-in-hand with the Berlin Senate, we continue to shape the image of the capital both nationally and internationally. At this point, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Berlin Partner members, the Berlin Senate and all of our colleagues for their contributions and cooperation as part of this unique public-private partnership. We look forward to many more years of telling the success stories of Berlin together with you! Partner für Berlin has been marketing and shaping Berlin’s success story for the past 25 years, and this issue of Berlin to go takes the time to tell the success story of Partner für Berlin itself. We wish you a pleasant read! Sincerely, Sincerely, Carsten Jung Supervisory Board Chairman, Partner für Berlin Dr. Stefan Franzke CEO Partner für Berlin 3

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