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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2019

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COFFEE BREAK COFFEE BREAK Lukas Breitenbach talks to Carsten Jung, supervisory board chairman of Partner für Berlin Holding MR. JUNG, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY! Thank you! Twenty-five years of Partner für Berlin are indeed a reason to celebrate, for our partner members, for Berlin and also for me personally. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU’RE LOOKING FORWARD TO IN PARTICULAR? I’ve been working alongside the Berlin Partner network for some time now, and I’ve also been supervisory board chair for just over a year. The things that Berlin Partner, the network and the Berlin economy have achieved over the past 25 years are entirely unique. Even the manner in which the company was founded is noteworthy: it all began with Berlin’s application to host the 2000 Olympic Games. Although Berlin didn’t win the bid, the teamwork between business, science and politics that gave rise to back then is as successful as ever. WHAT’S CHANGED IN THE PAST 25 YEARS? Berlin is developing so fast that we probably only have to time to talk about what has changed in the past 25 days, let alone the past 25 years. I recently met up with Dr. Franzke for an interview, and we came to the conclusion that the city has first and foremost become more international, with people and companies from all over the world – including global players such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft – moving here and discovering the city for themselves. This is all due to teamwork. After the fall of the Wall, everything seemed possible in the reunited city. From the very beginning, our campaigns have done nothing else than spotlight the diversity and often hidden beauty of the city, first with Schaustelle Berlin, then with be Berlin and then all around the world with “the place to be.” HOW HAS PARTNER FÜR BERLIN’S NETWORK OF MEMBER COMPANIES CHANGED OVER THE YEARS? More than anything else, it has grown. We started 25 years ago with 21 partners; today we have more than 280 members from the business and science communities in our network. Our partners are just as diverse as the Berlin economy itself, and yet they all have one thing in common – they’e all committed to shaping Berlin’s present and future as a location for 16

Photo: © Parwez business. I’m delighted to see the passion with which our members work to promote Berlin as a great place to live and work. We will no doubt continue to see that our network has a great impact on the city, that it can actually get things done with a common message. Berlin’s popularity among founders, investors and talented individuals is further evidence of the success of our coordinated economic development efforts in all areas. As members of our network, our partners make an invaluable contribution to the Berlin economy: their commitment and know-how provides the ideal foundation for positioning Berlin on the international stage. Their inspirations and ideas on how to best market our city help shape the image of Berlin worldwide. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC WISHES ON THIS 25TH ANNIVERSARY? I would like to see the city’s key focuses continue to be tackled as powerfully as they have been. What’s most important to me is that we preserve our coexistence and sense of togetherness. Partner für Berlin can indeed make a great contribution to this. About Carsten Jung Carsten Jung has been CEO of the Berliner Volksbank since January 2019. Born in Berlin in 1967, this banker and economist completed his studies and training in Berlin and also started his professional career here. Developments in the city were just too exciting to go anywhere else. In June 2018, Jung was elected to the supervisory board at the shareholders meeting of Partner für Berlin Holding Gesellschaft für Hauptstadt-Marketing mbH. At the constituent meeting, he was then elected chairman of the new supervisory board. His predecessor in office was Holter Hatje. 17

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