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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2019

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COVER 20th anniversary

COVER 20th anniversary of the Berlin Master Chef Awards In 2016, the Berlin Master Chefs celebrated their 20th anniversary. More than 130 chefs and restaurateurs had received acknowledgement as part of these awards in the different categories to that date. Among the previous prizewinners were such names as Daniel Achilles, Sebastian Frank, Tim Raue and Markus Semmler. FreiheitBerlin Four out of five Berliners associate their city with Freiheit, the German word for freedom. Starting in 2017, the capital city marketing team began communicating this very special Berlin feeling through the #FreiheitBerlin initiative, in which everyone was invited to share their personal messages of freedom with the world in the form of images, stories, videos and quotes. The ideas behind these messages were then translated into campaign slogans by be Berlin. Berlin-based companies and institutions also participated in the initiative with a number of different events. Among the highlights of the regional campaign were the projection of submitted “freedom messages” onto the Brandenburg Gate as part of the city-wide festival of lights known as “Berlin leuchtet” in 2017 and the #FreiheitBerlin art installation, which was on display from May to August 2018 at Washingtonplatz near Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof. Supervisory Board Chairmen since 2018 Carsten Jung Berlin Partner Network 5.0 2008 – 2018 Dr. Holger Hatje Berlin – the place to be 2005 – 2008 Rolf Eckrodt Business development & capital city marketing from a single source 1994 – 2005 Dr. Heinz Dürr Anchoring the capital city to people’s minds BERLINPRODUZIERT In 2018, together with 25 Berlin-based manufacturing and research companies, the campaign #Berlinproduziert started spotlighting Berlin-based industry’s massive innovation potential, which results from that typical Berlin mix of know-how, inventiveness and a vibrant high-tech founders’ scene. Also typical of Berlin is the high level cooperation between established industrial players and young digital companies, but also close networking among leading-name science and R&D institutions in the city. This is a key business-location advantage in the complex realm of Industry 4.0. Highlights of the campaign include the design of the showcase windows at the KaDeWe Department Store in 2018 as well as the joint appearance at the Hannover Messe in 2019. Foto: © Christian Kielmann für Berlin Partner, © Berlin Partner / Million Motions, © Berlin Partner / Photothek 14

FreiheitBerlin for Europe In 2019, the motif of freedom associated with the #FreiheitBerlin campaign was extended to the European stage. Prominent Berliners took a stand for Europe as a free and tolerant place that is open to the world. Their statements were seen in May on posters throughout the city. Even more support came from the world-famous Mona Lisa, who visited and gazed out over Berlin in the form of an oversized image directly on a building façade at the famous East Side Gallery – that is, until she suddenly disappeared and set off on a tour of Europe. On Instagram, she reported on her tour, its different stops and her European experiences. In early May, Mona Lisa returned to Berlin to raise awareness for the European elections on May 26, 2019. 10th anniversary of the Sportmetropole initiative The Sportmetropole Berlin initiative is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It was launched in 2009 to spotlight Berlin’s status as a leading sports city in the world and to maintain that status in the future. The most important decision-makers in the Berlin sports community joined with the Berlin business community to form a cooperative project that was the first of its kind in Germany. The campaign continues to showcase the German capital on a national and international level as a leading location for sports. Number of Berlin Partner member companies over the years 21 123 120 169 188 292 1994 1999 2004 2009 2014 2019 Last updated: August 2019 Partner für Berlin’s 25 th anniversary Partner für Berlin is turning 25 years old and will be celebrating over a quarter century of successful capital city marketing on September 6th at the Siemens area soon to become the “Kiez der Macher” (district of innovators). Attendees will include Berlin Partner members companies as well as leaders from Berlin’s political, cultural and civil social communities. Today, over 280 companies, scientific institutions and startups have joined the network of Berlin Partner member companies and continue to work together to promote Berlin as a great place to live and do business. 15

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