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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2019

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Adaption_Riesenposter_AZ_A4.indd1 1 25.11.2008 15:27:53 Uhr BFW-K-005_18.1de_100601.indd 1 04.06.10 11:22 COVER Science marketing The year 2004 marked the launch of Berlin Sciences, the capital city’s science portal. This created the “science marketing” strategy that had long since gotten underway with projects such as the Long Night of the Sciences and the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Prize. In 2017, Berlin Sciences was replaced with the science campaign known as “Brain City Berlin,” which uses Berlin-based scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to promote Berlin as a great location for science and R&D. + = Partner für Berlin Capital city marketing Berlin International Business development Berlin Partner GmbH 1st Fusion The year 2005 sees the creation of Berlin Partner GmbH, a company that brings together business development and capital city marketing in one single source. It merges the popular location-marketing and investor-acquisition activities, enhances cooperation with the ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH and strengthens the joint marketing of the Berlin-Brandenburg economic region under the slogan “The German Capital Region: More Value for your Investment.” New formats The creative industries were then identified as an attractive growth area and marketed via the Kunstherbst Berlin (1997 – 2008), the Berlin Fashion Week (2007 to today) and the Berlin Music Week (2010 – 2014). Other “week-“related formats were created to give these growth sectors additional international appeal, including Berlin Web Week (2007 – 2016), Berlin Health Week (launched in 2013) and Berlin Sports Week (2015). 07-11 Juli 2010 WWW.FASHION-WEEK-BERLIN.COM 6 –12sePt2010 HigHligHts FlughaFen TempelhoF: Berlin Festival 10. – 11.09. PoPkomm 08. – 10.09. all2getHernow 06. – 11.09. Berlin cluBnacHt 11.09. cluBsPreeBerlin 06. – 12.09. und vieles mehr in ganz Berlin! Launch of the be Berlin campaign In 2008, Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit launched the be Berlin capital city marketing campaign designed to present Berlin as a great place to live and do business in. The goal of the campaign was to assert Berlin’s position among other international cities as a leading business and science location, as a creative metropolis, as a media hub and as a great place to live and work. The campaign was also designed to further consolidate a sense of community in the reunited Berlin. The campaign therefore asked Berliners themselves to submit their personal Berlin-related success stories and to help shape the campaign with their own ideas. The campaign’s unique photo frame in red and the phrase “be…,be…, be berlin” became the city’s new trademark. 12

210x297_Anz_Talents_dt_mit_url.indd 2 Von Zukunftsbranchen und Karrierechancen: Im internationalen Wettbewerb hat sich die Hauptstadtregion als einer der attraktivsten Standorte für High-Tech- und moderne Dienstleistungsunternehmen etabliert. Wohnraum in der grünen Metropole ist günstig, das Betreuungsangebot für Kinder außergewöhnlich gut – gerade im Vergleich zu den alten Bundesländern. Mit der unvergleichlichen Lebensqualität bieten sich hier beste Aussichten für Einsteiger, Fach- und Führungskräfte. Finden auch Sie Ihren Job auf 07.02.2011 17:03:04 Uhr the place to be for talents. Berlin. Beste Aussichten, nicht nur vom Fernsehturm. Auf Erfolg programmiert. BERLINternational „the place to be“ In 2009, be Berlin took the international stage with a new motto “the place to be.” The unique red frame and the slogan “be…,be…, be berlin” became the city’s trademark and took on a constant flow of reinterpretations that reflected the varied facets of the city. The message from Berlin to the rest of the world focused on success stories, a city in transformation and a great place to live, all of which have been showcased at several events in over 50 countries to date. Berlin and Brandenburg also continued to present themselves at numerous tradeshows worldwide as “the place to be for business.” Launch of the industry campaign In 2010, in cooperation with 13 well-known Berlin-based industrial companies, be Berlin launched an industry campaign focusing on Berlin’s cutting-edge and future-oriented industry. The initiative “ich bin ein Berliner” presented outstanding industrial products from various fields. Themes such as electromobility, Berlin as a startup metropolis and as a city with a highly unique pool of talent were high on the agenda of this campaign. Berlin Partner GmbH Capital city marketing Business development 2nd Fusion + = TSB Innovationsagentur Innovation and technology funding Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH Foto: © Landesarchiv Berlin/Thomas Platow, © Berlin Partner Berlin tours the world 2015 – 2017 In 2015, Berlin set out on a word tour, initially with pop-up stores created jointly with visitBerlin, and later with so-called pop-up labs. In Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris, these pop-up stores showcased the German capital. At the Hannover Messe in 2016, the pop-up lab “Startup meets Grownup” celebrated its premiere, with Berlin Partner member companies designing almost the entire exhibition. After that, the pop-up lab set out on a tour of Germany and the world with stops in Munich, Stuttgart, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, showcasing Berlin in all its diversity: the “Mitmach-Labor” (hands-on lab) invited people to discover Berlin business, science, culture, music, cuisine, design, tourism and sports in an interactive setting. 13

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