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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2019

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COVER A JOURNEY THROUGH OF CAPITAL CITY MARK For a quarter of a century, Berlin Partner has been committed to successful location marketing and created a strong network for the Berlin economy Our roots In order to enhance Berlin’s draw as a capital city, the city first needed to engage in some professional business-location marketing. One of the earliest opportunities to do so came in 1993 when Berlin made a bid to host the 2000 Olympic Games. In the course of preparing their application, the Berlin Senate and Magistrate decided to found a company called Olympia Berlin 2000 GmbH that was set to manage the public funds. The bid failed, but in 1994, Olympia 2000 Marketing was transformed into Partner für Berlin Gesellschaft für Hauptstadt Marketing mbH. Initial launch with 21 members: Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Berlin I Handwerkskammer Berlin I Bankgesellschaft Berlin Aktiengesellschaft I Berliner Volksbank e.G. I Deutsche Interhotel GmbH I Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft I Asea Brown Boveri Aktiengesellschaft I Berliner Hypotheken- und Pfandbriefbank Aktiengesellschaft I DEKOM-Kommunikationsgesellschaft der Bahn mbH I Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft I DIAL Berlin Tourismus-Förderungs GmbH I Herlitz Aktiengesellschaft I Hertie Waren- und Kaufhaus GmbH I LAT-Fernmelde-Montagen und Tiefbau GmbH I Prinz zu Hohenlohe-Jagstberg & Banghard Beratungs GmbH & Co. Vermittlungs-KG I Radio Hundert,6 Medien GmbH I Ruhrgas Aktiengesellschaft I Schindler Aufzügefabrik GmbH I Siemens Aktiengesellschaft I Deutsche Bundespost Telekom I Vereinigung der Unternehmensverbände in Berlin and Brandenburg e.V. Schaustelle Berlin 1996 – 2005 The Bundestag’s decision to relocate the German capital from Bonn to Berlin triggered a flurry of construction projects. One prominent example is Potsdamer Platz, which soon become known worldwide as the largest construction site in Europe. A bright red “Info Box” was set up at Potsdamer Platz to document the construction. The building became so popular that it had 8.6 million visitors by the time it was dismantled in 2001. An event series called Schaustelle Berlin was then created to effectively showcase Berlin’s urban development as a positive sign of the city’s new spirit. Under the motto “trespassing encouraged,” the event series granted access to sites and locations that were usually closed to the public, and introduced a wide variety of Berlin cultural highlights – from the Love Parade to concerts at the Waldbühne and Gendarmenmarkt. 10

TIME: 25 YEARS ETING Berlin Master Chefs By honoring the crème de la crème in cuisine and hospitality as part of the Berlin Master Chefs since 1997, Berlin Partner has consistently been able to showcase the city’s upscale and diverse restaurant scene as an important economic contributor, a key image factor and a major source of pride for the city. Image campaigns 1998 – 2008 From the very beginning, one of the key strategic and operative tasks of the marketing company was to promote and position Berlin as a leading business location. The aim of image campaigns was to raise awareness among international decision-makers and increase their interest in Berlin as a place to do business. The campaigns communicated the top three strengths chosen for emphasis by Partner für Berlin: namely its status as the German capital, as an East-West metropolis and as a city of science and research. Fotos: © Berlin Partner, © Berlin Partner GmbH / Art & Photo Urbschat The New Berlin 1998 – 2001 The Berlin brand reinvented. The public-private partnership Partner für Berlin was founded in 1994 and took on no less a task than the complete revamping of Berlin’s image. Berlin was in a state of massive transformation, with all the construction sites and the federal government’s move beginning to make newspaper headlines and shaping the city. Shortly before the turn of the century, the “Das neue Berlin” (“the new Berlin”) campaign was launched, targeting the residents of Berlin as well as national and international visitors, but also the business community and potential investors. “The new Berlin” showcased an emerging capital city brimming with new ideas: dynamic, creative, with cultural as well as scientific potential, as well as with East-West expertise in growing together. And, for the first time, Berlin Partner member companies are themselves the initiators. Berlin Hoffest – Courtyard Festival Starting in 1999, the Governing Mayor of Berlin joined with Partner für Berlin to organize the Berlin Hoffest. In its first year, it functioned as a welcome gathering for new ministries, members of parliament, diplomats, associations and business representatives. Today it is a fixed date on the social calendar of Berlin’s political and business communities. 11

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