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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2019

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TITLE BERLIN IS INT At the end of the list of countries of origin, one finds countries such as the Comoros, Fiji and Vatican City. Each of these countries have three nationals living in Berlin. People from 193 different nationalities call Berlin home. 82.4% of Berliners are German. Turkish nationals come in second place at 2.4%. Polish nationals are third with 1.4%. The Berlin startup scene is an international affair: almost 50% of employees come from abroad. Photo: © Isbrecht 8

ERNATIONAL People from all over the world work and study at Berlin universities. Roughly 20% of students at Berlin universities come from abroad. Among those studying science, that number is 16%. In Finnish, Berlin is called Berliini, in Japanese ベルリン (Berurin), in Irish Beirlín, in Russian Берлин and in Lithuanian Berlynas. More than 120 native languages are spoken among Berliners. Source: Office of Statistics, 2018 / Berlin Startup Monitor, 2018 / Brain City Berlin, 2018 / / 9

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