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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2019

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COSMOPOLITAN INTERNATIONAL ALL DAY SCHOOLS ALL EXAMS CREATIVE RELIABLE AND PROVEN GRADES 1–13 “Dare to be wise.” Immanuel Kant For 60 years we have provided a happy school environment for the children and adolescents entrusted to our care. We strive to connect with tolerance and respect, while dedicated teachers and state-of-the-art school facilities shape the daily classroom experience. Our educational work is designed to nurture critically-thinking, responsible and compassionate members of society who bravely face the challenges of the future. Kant-Grundschule personal atmosphere ∙ English from grade 1 to 6 ∙ guided homework hours Grunewaldstraße 44 · 12165 Berlin phone 82 00 70 900 Berlin International School Primary and Secondary school (E/G) offering BBR, MSA, IGCSE and IB-D examinsations Campus Dahlem · Lentzeallee 8/14 14195 Berlin · phone 82 00 77 780 Kant-Oberschule Secondary school up to Abitur Economics in English or German Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 360 Internationale Schule Berlin Primary and Secondary school (G/E) offering a Bilingual Abitur (university entrance) Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 35 Sie finden uns auch im Internet unter Verband Deutscher Privatschulen Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. Bildungseinrichtungen in freier Trägerschaft

EDITORIAL DEAR READER, “Berlin is more than a city, it’s a continent of its own.” These words, written by the German poet and journalist Jean Paul more than 200 years ago, continue to be a fitting description of Berlin’s cosmopolitan character, even today. Indeed, no other city in Germany has as much international flair, with people from more than 190 nations calling the capital their home. It’s a diversity that has also proven to be a tremendous asset to the Berlin economy. Berlin-based companies with international business operations increasingly benefit from the city’s multifaceted talent pool. Whether it’s a business strategist from China, a U.S. marketing expert or a Portuguese native speaker able to handle service inquiries – Berlin is the place where entrepreneurs can find the specialists they need to serve their target markets. The city has such a great reputation that it’s easy to attract professionals from abroad, and it’s long since become a place where creatives from all over the world dream of living and working. One look at the city’s booming startup scene underscores this trend. Founders from all over the globe are choosing Berlin as the location to develop their innovative products and also bring them to market. Of course, the startup scene has a very global orientation as well: roughly 50% of employees at Berlin startups come from abroad. These days, the scope of Berlin’s global reach is growing even further. Thanks to the variety of internationally renowned researchers hard at work here, the city is now a global player in a number of scientific and business fields – one might even say that Berlin operates at an interplanetary level (see page 14). I’m proud to live in such a diverse, open-minded and cosmopolitan city – or “continent,” to use the words of Jean Paul. And it’s true; very few other cities could produce all the fascinating success stories featured in this current issue of Berlin to go. Wishing you a pleasant read! Sincerely, Dr. Stefan Franzke, CEO Berlin Partner 3

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