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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2017

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TALK OF THE TOWN BERLIN – CITY OF FREEDOM HOTSPOT FOR STARTUPS Berlin is a young woman taking the S-Bahn with Seppi, her pony; Berlin is tomatoes, lettuce and herbs growing in selfmade plant beds at the former Tempelhof Airfield; and Berlin is a breakfast table on the subway platform at Kottbusser Tor, referred to as ”Kotti.“ Indeed, whether it’s ponies on a free ride, urban farming or brunch at Kotti, there are some things you can experience only in Berlin. Why here, you ask? Because it’s Berlin. No matter what time of day, you can see and feel the city’s unique lifestyle shaped by diversity, freedom and, above all, by Berliners themselves. Freedom is courage and involves being bold! The idea of taking a chance on new ventures is exactly what characterizes Berlin’s economy. For example, the startup Native Instruments recently launched “Thrill,” a revolutionary new tool that has the epic strength of an orchestra with an interface that allows one person to craft entire sound installations single-handedly. Why is Berlin the place where projects like these can get underway? Because Berlin is Germany’s leader in startup investments. Last year, over €1 billion in venture capital flowed into promising business ideas here in the areas of technology and the creative industries. ARTS & CULTURE Creatives and culture professionals active in all sectors continue to flock to Berlin from all over the world. They come here to carry out unique projects, whether it’s a performative installation made of sugar cubes or “The Haus,” a temporary street art project on Nürnberger Straße. Artists know they can let give their talent free reign in the capital. Berlin makes it possible! People working together at creative and innovation labs, in workshops and coworking spaces guarantees a significant degree of flexibility and independence. Photo: spring brand ideas 8

MISSION TO THE MOON Berlin creates space for science but also for lateral thinkers, free thinkers and people who just think differently, which is why it’s rightly regarded as a “brain city.” The fact that a young company called Parttime Scientists is planning the first German moon landing from offices in Berlin- Mahlsdorf might sound like sci-fi to most; in reality, however, it’s just one of many spectacular science projects underway in Berlin. UNITED IN FREEDOM Freedom is more than 180 nations living side-by-side in a city where everyone is free to pursue their aims and no one is alone. Indeed, many associations and organizations in Berlin work on behalf of people in need. These include innovative efforts such as the living-and-working project Sharehouse Refugio operated by Berlin’s City Mission, but also the career mentoring program SINGA Germany, which supports people who have lost their homes or homeland, helping them to gain a foothold and visualize a future lived in peace and freedom in their new hometown of Berlin. #FREIHEITBERLIN A lifestyle shaped by freedom is the very essence of Berlin – its DNA, so to speak. The new be Berlin campaign takes up this unique spirit and displays it to the world. The campaign is designed to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which lay the cornerstone for the European Union. Under the motto #freiheitberlin, everyone is invited to experience the freedom and open space that Berlin provides, and all Berliners are encouraged to share what freedom means to them under the hashtag #freiheitberlin. 9

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