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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2017

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SISTER CITIES FOR What do Berlin and Los Angeles have in common? ideas can be explored without restrictions, ideologi BERLIN GOES They are both places where today’s artists, scientists, writers, tech entrepreneurs and creatives want to be most to work on ideas. They are places of creation that enrich people all over the world. And in 2017, Los Angeles and Berlin are celebrating 50 years of being sister cities. It is not only their long, shared history that links the two cities to one another, but also a certain spiritual kinship, which is revealed in the statements from the cities’ two mayors. Los Angeles is a city of dreams, a place of boundless creativity and world-changing ideas. Its history is defined by those who have come here from around the globe to follow their dreams and make them reality, and their contributions range from Hollywood, skateboards, and the electric guitar to the internet, the space shuttle, and the Mars Rover. These dreams could not come true without freedom – the freedom to be who you are, to live how you choose, to experiment, to create, to innovate, to do things you can’t do anywhere else. In L.A., we stand for tolerance, inclusion, respect for the rights and dignity of all people, and celebration of our shared humanity – and we affirm those values at every opportunity. These shared values are what bind Los Angeles and Berlin and have served as the foundation of our long partnership. Berlin was one of our earliest Sister Cities and I look forward to a continued collaboration that elevates both cities as models of innovation, cooperation, solidarity and tolerance. – Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles Los Angeles: EyeEm, Photograph: Francisco Belisario; Portrait E. Garcetti: privat 32

50 YEARS They are both places where new, groundbreaking es or limitations Berlin lives and loves freedom. We Berliners will never forget that peace and freedom are not a matter of course. They must be demanded and defended again and again! The Wall divided our city for decades. The loss of freedom is still a painful memory that spurs Berliners to be active in promoting openness and tolerance towards others. Our city is united by a shared longing to live and love as we wish. Everyone who comes to Berlin can sense this. Whether you’re a tourist, a startup founder, a creative professional or a research scientist – in Berlin, ideas become possibilities. Like Berlin, Los Angeles is a place of longing that is famous for its many possibilities. In both cities, you can pursue your dreams and collaborate with others. Berlin emigrants from the film industry founded the Berlin – Los Angeles sister city relationship 50 years ago. What was true then is still valid today: the cities of dreams are and will remain Los Angeles and Berlin. – Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin Berlin: spring brand ideas, Photograph: Olaf Heine; Portrait M. Müller: Joachim Gern More information on the 50th anniversary of the Berlin-Los Angeles sister city partnership can be found at, the partnership’s digital home and a meeting point for Berliners and Angelenos. The website posts information on events and stories told by compelling individuals from the world of art, culture, music, business, food and film. 33

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