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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2017

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BERLIN GOES CAPITAL OF FREEDOM In 2017, Berlin is one thing above all: an international magnet. Everyone wants to come to Berlin – artists, creative minds, young people, senior citizens, major global economic players and the young guns driving the startup scene. What sets the city apart is the sense of freedom that finds expression in a highly unique Berlin way of life. Free, because it’s rich in physical space that can be shaped and molded. Free in the sense of an open and inspiring atmosphere where people can evolve and decide how they want to live. Berlin is indeed the capital of freedom: this statement was confirmed by an infratest dimap study commissioned by Berlin Partner in early 2017 in which four out of five Berliners associated their city with freedom. Berlin also continues to be seen internationally as representing the freedom shaped by the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification. Campaign launch at the Brandenburg Gate and quotes displayed throughout the city Fotos: spring brand ideas 30

Campaign motif: Berlin is “done with walls” Other campaign motifs throughout the city Sixty-four percent of international respondents associate Berlin with the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. In early March 2017, drawing on this special sense of freedom, the be Berlin campaign launched an initiative that invites Berliners to engage in a dialogue about what freedom means to them. Under the hashtag #FreiheitBerlin, Berliners and visitors can upload their personal statements on freedom in the form of pictures, quotes, drawings and the like. In April 2017, the be Berlin campaign translated Berliners’ different sentiments into motifs and displayed them online and throughout the city with the claim “Weil es geht in Berlin” (“Because you can in Berlin”). Today, an increasing number of personalities are getting involved with their own freedom statements and stories, including Michael Michalsky, Mo Asumang, Olivia Jones, Sascha from Boss Hoss, Die Beginner and Maite Kelly. This year, Berlin-based companies and institutions will also get involved with their own initiatives: for example, Deutsche Bahn will send an S-Bahn through Berlin to act as a freedom ambassador every day starting in July. Osram will use their own high-tech to light up a large installation that makes freedom shine; and during the Festival of Lights, Galeria Kaufhof will display its commitment to freedom on an entire building. Tip and Zitty magazines will be asking their readers what freedom means to them in their district. On an international level, the campaign will celebrate this year’s city-partnership anniversaries with Los Angeles, Paris and Brussels by fostering a dialogue on freedom. For example, be Berlin will travel with different Berlin players to Brussels in September 2017 for the 25th city anniversary. In addition to a photo exhibition with freedom ambassadors from both partner cities, there will also be events in the areas of business, science, culture, cuisine and music. In October 2017, be Berlin will visit Los Angeles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their city partnership. The goal is to generate an inspiring exchange about the concept of freedom with an exhibition and a mixed program of film, music, art, technology and cuisine. To close out the event, Berlin will gift L.A., its partner city, a “longtable” to mark a wonderful moment of freedom. Bettina Rust at the ECHO 2017 with Die Beginner and Olivia Jones 31

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