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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2017

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TALK OF THE TOWN CREATIVE I From apps and design workshops to film and media agencies – Berlin inspires new ideas and provides space for many facets of the creative industries Text: Simone Fendler THE “NEW, OLD” BERLINER UNION FILM CAMPUS With its great view of the famous Tempelhof Airfield, the Berliner Union Film Campus has been one of Berlin’s most prominent film and TV production sites for over 100 years. Popular contemporary TV shows, including “Circus Halli- Galli,” “Ku’Damm 56” and the children’s series “Siebenstein” are made on the very spot where Marlene Dietrich and Liza Minnelli once shot their award-winning film classics. With clients and partners such as YouTube Space Berlin, the Met Film School and Cinephon, the campus is set to grow even further and continue to be a major player on Berlin’s film and TV scene. The campus’ future strategy includes the expansion of sound post-production and a strong focus on international projects. Indeed, the team is eager to create an even more versatile space for the most creative minds in the industry, for example, by means of joint content-development projects and opening up the site to further creative sectors, such as the games industry. 14

NDUSTRIES STREAMWERKE – ONLINE- group, Streamwerke is already tion and marketing. Hahn’s core FIRST CONTENT FOR THE networked with one of the lar- business is the development MEDIA LANDSCAPE OF gest and most renowned media and production of children’s TOMORROW houses in Europe. At the same animated TV series for inter- Young people are watching less time, it can also produce freely national markets, but it also and less linear TV, choosing ins- for any other clients. The com- handles 360-degree branding, tead to consume content on-de- pany was founded a year ago such as for the plush dolls – mand from their mobile devices and has grown to two dozen called “Sorgenfresser” (“worry via Facebook, YouTube and the creatives and strategists. Cli- eaters”) – created by Gerhard like. Accessing this target group ents receive a comprehensive Hahn; roughly four million of thus involves creating great package that includes consul- these zipper-mouthed dolls content, professional social me- ting, format development, have been sold already and a TV dia management and pursuing production, post-production, series is currently in producti- Image graphic: / Bplanet a strategy to cover all relevant channels. Kreuzberg-based Streamwerke is a production company for online-first content that specializes in tackling these challenges. As a private business startup in the ZDF editorial management and distribution strategies. HAHN FILM AG – ANIMATED FILMS FOR YOUNG AND OLD Hahn Film was founded by on. The work being done at the Hahn Film studio in Prenzlauer Berg is a harmonious reflection of today’s Berlin: young creatives from all over the world work here in English – and even sometimes in German. Gerhard Hahn in 1980 and has been at home in Berlin since 1986. Hahn Film AG belongs to DIGISITTER – THE APP the Hahn Group, which bundles FOR FAMILY-FRIENDLY a number of companies invol- COMPANIES ved in the value chain ranging A business trip, a closed day- from artistic development and care center or a sick child – media products to film produc- it’s always a complex and time-consuming task for parents and companies to coordinate childcare with business-related appointments. DigiSitter combines a mobile app for working parents with a dashboard for HR departments that make it possible to reduce the coordination process by roughly 30%. The app gives parents access to 24/7 childcare at one click. DigiSitter works like a smart Doodle for childcare. The Web dashboard for HR department enables data-based compatibili- 15

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