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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2016

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DISCUSSION From High - Tech to Everyday Helper Berlin Products Make it Big in the World Metal and Glass – A Fashionable Guise for House and Façade Everything started in 1903 with the manufacturing of roof gutters. And then, over the years, what was once a plumbing business evolved into a highly innovative Berlin company. Today, Karl Dieringer is a successful industrial company for metal fabrication and sheet metal working. A number of award-winning structures across the globe are “dressed” with metal from Berlin: for example, the roof of the Berlin Philharmonic and the storefront of Uniqlo in Marseille contain metal and glass from this Berlinbased industrial company. Dieringer also dressed a very special façade with a moving background for a funeral hall in Beslan; this city in the North Caucasus was the site of a terrorist attack in a school in 2004. The shell of the memorial is an elliptical funeral wreath. The holes punched into the delicate golden elements give it the appearance of a spring rose. Measuring with Ultrasound In 1990, four university graduates from Berlin and Rostock founded a company called Flexim. One year later, they began selling their first clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters. These ultrasound meters enable all types of liquid and gas contained in pipes to be measured from the outside without having to intrude into the pipe. The determination and courage it took to found the company has been crowned with success. Twenty-five years later, the company has 400 employees worldwide, roughly 250 of which work at the headquarters in Berlin. The company offers solutions for process instrumentation in all areas of industry with the help of its Fluxus ultrasonic flow meter. Fluxus reliably measures everything that flows, from the smallest lines in painting systems for the automobile industry all the way to the gigantic pipes belonging to hydropower stations. Flexim now has a global network of companies that stretches from Singapore, China and Europe all the way to North and South America and the Near East. Lifesavers from Berlin Cardiovascular tissue engineering: it sounds like a highly specialized field, and it is. Complex processes are used to process animal tissue in such a way to make it suitable for use in patients. The implants produced for heart and circulatory systems are then used to replace or regenerate sick tissue in patients. Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH, founded in 2000 by scientists at the Charité, is a biotech company and Germany’s foremost producer of biological heart valves. For patients with serious heart defects or damage to the pulmonary valve, these biological implants mean an enormous improvement in the quality of life. In the past several years, countless implants were manufactured and used successfully in hospitals throughout Europe. Photos: Flexim, Dieringer, avemario / 16 BERLIN TO GO

DISCUSSION Shedding Light on Things Batteries as we know them today are so-called “dry” batteries. And while there are “wet” batteries still in use today – for example, the starter batteries for automobiles – it was the invention of the dry battery that revolutionized battery use. Paul Schmidt invented the transportable electric battery in 1901 in Berlin. He invented what we call today a “flat” battery for use in flashlights. He was awarded the patent for both types in Germany and paved the way for mass production. Soon thereafter, his “Daimon” flashlights made in Berlin conquered global markets. Photos: TELCOM-PHOTOGRAPHY -, Siemens Corporate Archives, Kryolan-Foto: Marc Hayden/Make-up: Paul James Merchant & Gemma Horner/by Kryolan, euthymia - With 5 HP from A to B In today’s world, mobility is taken for granted as even long distances can be covered in a short time. In the mid- 19th century, however, things looked quite different. With the advent of electricity, urban transport became much more dynamic. The first electric tram, which is now regarded as the first worldwide, ran from Lichterfelde to Kadettenanstalt in southern Berlin in 1881. Back then, the companies Siemens & Halske called this vehicle an “electric railway.” The stretch was 2.4 km long and the railcars were made out of converted horse-drawn carriages. They could handle up to 26 passengers and used 5 horsepower to reach an average speed of roughly 15 km/h. Eggs on Toast It’s subtle but incredibly useful: the egg slicer. Many Germans love to eat delicious sandwiches topped with sliced egg. And thanks to the ingenuity of Willy Abel, egg fans can enjoy evenly cut slices. Abel developed his small kitchen device around 1900 and manufactured it and other kitchen aids in the Harras-Werk in Berlin-Lichtenberg, a factory Abel himself founded. He did the same with his invention of the bread-slicing machine and the heart-shaped waffle iron. His Harras Original Egg Slicer, however, was a high-quality mass product. Roughly 10 million units were sold within a short time. It was a tremendous success even in the USA, where there was a large demand for mass commodities at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the egg slicer might seem rather simple, but back in 1911, Abel was able to get the patent for the product. We’re pretty sure that the utensil can still be found today in countless kitchens around the world. Hollywood Stars Love Berlin Make-Up What would the bird-catcher Papageno from The Magic Flute be without his distinctive make-up? And what would a splatter film be without liters and liters of blood? Things would be half as exciting, thrilling and worth-watching. Kryolan is a company that has been providing professional make-up to film, theater and TV artists for 70 years now. Founded in Berlin in 1945, the company now produces over 16,000 make-up products and accessories. And their high-quality standards have paid off. This medium-sized company is now the market leader and famous – not only in Hollywood – for its fake blood. They now supply customers in over 90 countries worldwide. And Kryolan products have been featured in innumerable blockbusters and theater productions. BERLIN TO GO 17

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