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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2018

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RECOMMENDATION BEN POMMER Berlin Scene Restaurant 2017 – BRLO BRWHOUSE Independent breweries are on the rise. What is your perspective on the craft beer trend and the image of beer in general? Let’s hope so! Craft beer is no longer a trend; it’s a return to solid craftsmanship and the great taste that comes from that skill. It’s about maximum variety! The sustainability that accompanies craft beer is also no longer a trend; it’s a must. The more people understand that, the more the image of beer and beer consumption changes. Overall, beer consumption is on the decline, while craft beer consumption is on the rise. In the end, consumers always appreciate craftsmanship and taste. THE DUC NGO Gastronomic Innovator 2017 – Restaurants Kuchi, Cocolo Ramen, Madame Ngo, 893 Ryotei, Golden Phönix and others You now have ten restaurants you call your own. What inspires you to focus on more than one restaurant and continuously launch new projects? I love building up extremely varied restaurants. I love all types of cuisine from all around the world, and I’m always excited about both traditional and modern creations. In general, I’m always open to new things. But my goal is always to create the best out of everything. When I start a new project, I don’t seek to open up just any old restaurant; my goal is to create a great and authentic restaurant that can call itself the best. That’s what inspires me. 34

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