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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2018

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A CONVERSATION W MASTER CHEFS RECOMMENDATION RENÉ KLAGES 2017 Regional Master Chef – Restaurant „17fuffzig“ at the Bleiche Resort & Spa, Burg (Spreewald) SEBASTIAN FRANK 2017 Berlin Master Chef – Restaurant HORVÁTH What was a defining moment in your career as a chef? My most defining moment was a moment in which I became conscious of what was essential, of what makes me who I am, and the idea of transforming my personal story and identity into culinary moments. In the first six months, I worked with very international products, such as lobster, avocados, etc., giving them an Austrian touch. Then it suddenly dawned on me: What on earth am I doing? I’m not olive oil, turbot or mango! I am trout, lard, garlic and caraway! These are my identity! It actually all became clear to me in one single moment and also established the “red thread” that runs through my philosophy of cooking. Where do you gain your inspiration? First and foremost from products that nature itself provides, but also just from staying curious. The job of a chef is not to create something new using any means possible, but simply to bring out what’s already there in a special way. For me, inspiration means giving a suitable framework to those things – things that are already beautiful in and of themselves – and intensifying their positive qualities. This doesn’t mean limiting oneself creatively, but instead allowing oneself to be inspired by the beauty of things and handling them with due respect. It also means always questioning oneself critically without losing the courage to create one’s own signature. For me, this is an important principle when creating new and exciting dishes. 32

ITH 2017’S BERLIN CHRISTOPHER KÜMPER 2017 Climber of the Year – Restaurant Schwein Illustration: Till Schermer ILONA SCHOLL 2017 Berlin Hostess – Restaurant tulus lotrek What is special about your restaurant and the concept behind it? After more than two years of tulus lotrek, we still have no idea how to answer that question. Perhaps it’s because we’ve always considered it constraining to have to define precisely what we do. This much I can say: we do casual fine dining in Kreuzberg. And we do it very enthusiastically, tirelessly, with lots of warmth and verve and with our own signature style and idiosyncratic language. What does Berlin mean to you in culinary terms? Berlin is a leader in Germany in terms of cuisine. People here are interested in food and nutrition; they enjoy going out for dinner, sometimes twice a week, no matter whether it’s to a gourmet restaurant, burger joint, street food market or “gastropub.” The scene is constantly learning new things and it gets an extra boost from the large numbers of experts and international tourists. Receiving the title “2017 Climber of the Year” is a tremendous honor and a wonderful confirmation of the work my team and I do on a daily basis. 33

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