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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2018

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the place to be for business. Berlin: High in Demand. Accelerate your growth – in Berlin. Germany’s capital has got it all: the most influential political and economic decision makers, innovative companies and an unrivaled concentration of science and research. Berlin has great potential at its fingertips: Specialists and executives who are excellently trained and thrilled by the high quality of Berlin’s urban life. If you consider relocating your business you’re very welcome in Berlin! Accelerate your company’s growth – with customized solutions powered by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology.

EDITORIAL DEAR READER, As we all know by now, Berlin is a growing city. The number of people living in the capital continues to expand at a rate of roughly 50,000 per year. In 2017, Berlin’s economy once again posted higher growth rates than the national average in Germany – for the fourth year in a row. These figures are highly encouraging, but there are other great things about Berlin that deserve just as much attention. For example, the city is also home to growth of a more organic kind. Indeed, very few other cities have as much green space as Berlin, with countless fields, gardens, rooftops, parks and woods dotting the landscape. Again, there’s no denying the numbers: roughly 18% of Berlin is covered in forest. Berlin is green and so is its economy – no partisan pun intended. It’s a city brimming with ideas for the future. And all of these ideas revolve around one question: How are we going to shape the path forward? Berlin’s answer is clear: we’re going to focus on resource efficiency, we’re going to take on social and ecological responsibility and we’re going to enjoy sustainable economic success. In Germany’s digitalization capital, the love of nature and an eagerness to live and work according to ecological principles can be seen and felt in a number of ways. We see this for example in the city’s environmentally friendly architecture, its waste prevention projects and in the trend toward local or independent food and clothing production. Some districts even take account of their bee populations when deciding which trees and flowers to grow. The city also aims to turn more and more green areas into edible landscapes, which includes planting fruit trees and shrubs. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find fruits and herbs for self-harvesting in the middle of Berlin. In the spirit of promoting naturally good ideas, I hope you enjoy this latest issue of Berlin to go. Sincerely, Dr. Stefan Franzke CEO, Berlin Partner Cover photo: Drepicter /, Illustration Dr. Franzke: Till Schermer 3

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