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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2018

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IDEAS FOR A HEALT TALK OF THE TOWN From bees to beer in the service of health Text: Simone Fendler PRINTED MATTER It doesn’t take long to print a BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ How many bees would you say are living in Berlin? There are several thousands; that is, several thousands of bee colonies. Over 7,000 bee colonies are cared for by the members of the Imkerverband Berlin (Berlin Beekeepers Association) alone. Each colony is home to roughly 30,000 to 50,000 bees, depending on seasonal fluctuations. Beekeeping is in, and membership in beekeeping associations is on the rise. So it’s hardly surprising that the winner of the first Startup Days at the International Green Week 2018 involves an online marketplace for honey. Viktoria Schmidt heads up the sales portal nearBees founded in 2014. The startup offers honey producers a platform that caters to both retailers and (private) consumers alike. A COLD BREW Germany’s Beer Purity Law has been in effect for 500 years. But tell that to that bacteria that continues to threaten beer today. The Potsdam-based company Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH is hot on the trail of these spoiling agents. Their foodproof Beer Screening Lyo- Kit is a kit that quickly detects evidence of 31 types of beer spoilage bacteria in one single test. These beer-spoiling bacteria can cause the loss of entire production batches at breweries, and traditional methods used to detect them are highly time-consuming. The test kit was specially developed for application in breweries and gives beer makers safe and easy results within 25 minutes. handout, make a few copies and scan a couple of pages. A modern printer can handle those kinds of jobs in a couple of seconds. Printers are found in almost every office today. However, the fact that these machines generate an invisible danger is largely unknown these days; fine dust particles generated by the printer can pollute the office environment. We’re talking about a “bad atmosphere” in the truest sense of the word. Toxozon is a fine-particle air filter that makes for cleaner air. The filter prevents the spread of toner dust and particles and is suitable for all types of laser printers and copiers. It filters office air in keeping with natural principles and almost completely frees it of harmful emissions and allergens. This creates a breath of fresh air for the office, and hopefully also for the work being done there. Illustration: Till Schermer 22

HY LIFE A GREEN REVOLUTI- ON YOU CAN EAT A climbing plant? Moss? Nope, that green stuff shimmering on the facade of the Euref Campus is actually algae. To be more precise, it’s the flooded tubes of a photo-bio reactor. As part of this pilot project, the algae have been growing in the pipes at this high-tech location in Berlin since 2016. Although the plant-based life forms are microscopic in size, they’re brimming with unexpected talents. To name a few, they have the potential to help provide future generations with food, energy and medicines. The Chlorella vulgaris is full of enzymes, protein, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and dyes. Star chef Thomas Kammeier, gastronomy director at the Euref Campus, recently became a believer. The algae have already made their way to his kitchen in the form of sauces and foams and as ingredients in marinades or drinks. MICROMETER PRECISION Robots are able to handle an increasing number of tasks. They are used in heavy industry but also as medical robots in surgical operating theaters. Their work requires the highest level of accuracy possible. For the measuring solutions at Bogen Electronic GmbH, this means a level of precision higher than 0.005 mm. The long-standing company based in southern Berlin develops and produces magnetic measuring solutions consisting of measuring heads and scales. When used in the robotics and automation industries, these products take on the precise positioning of robot arms and drive axles. They are also used to control the motion of complex systems. The U.S. magazine Cio Applications included Bogen on its list of “Top 10 Robotics Technology Companies 2017.” This flattering honor from Silicon Valley gave Bogen even more inspiration to pursue further innovations. FOLLOW-UP CARE More and more Berliners are getting cancer. In an effort to reduce the physical and psychological stress associated with the disease and to develop new perspectives for patients, DAK-Gesundheit worked together with Vivantes to create “DAK-Tumornachsorge,” a follow-up care program designed to improve the health and quality of life of those affected by cancer in Berlin. The personal needs of each individual are very different, which means that the services offered are flexible and put together on an individual basis. For example, services include sports and exercise therapy, nutritional counseling, relaxation training, physiotherapy as well as psycho-oncological and psycho-social care. Follow-up cancer care and primary medical care remain intact and are complemented by the new program in a meaningful way. 23

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