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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2018

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WHO ARE YOUR CLIENTS? On the one hand, our clients are real estate developers specializing in innovative urban development concepts. On the other hand, we also work with newcomers to the food production sector. Of course, we cooperate most effectively with established food producers because they bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table. WHAT MAKES ECF FARM SYSTEMS BETTER THAN THE OTHERS? Conventional aquaponics involves a regular cycle whereby you let the water from the aquaculture circulate directly to the plants after being filtered. This has one disadvantage in that you can never set the water values precisely to fir the fish and vegetables. This is why we work with a system that involves two circuits into which we insert our control technology. This allows us to optimize the water quality separately for both areas. The ECF farm was founded in 2014. Invitation to a behind-the-scenes look: visitors can visit the glass farm in Berlin every Tuesday from 2-5 pm without prior registration. The information tour provides information on the fish and plants and costs 5 euro per person. Children under the age of 12 get in free. Visitors are given an easy-to-follow overview of the aquaponics system and a pot of “Capital City Basil,” while supplies last. Private visitors are invited to drop by without any prior registration, while schools, universities, association and companies are asked to book their special individual tours – in English or German – in advance. The glass farm is can also be booked as a location for company events focusing on sustainability. For further information, visit The ECF farm concept can be implemented in other cities. DOES THIS MEAN THE CONTROL TECHNO- LOGY FORMS THE HEART OF THE SYSTEM? Our control technology has the ability to control the flow of nutrients from the fish to the greenhouses. In this realm, we lead in the pack in Germany. IT SOUNDS LIKE WE’RE GOING TO BE SEEING ECF FARMS IN MANY CITIES IN THE NEAR FUTURE. We’re eager to build further farms and also operate them ourselves. At the moment, we have projects taking shape in Germany and abroad, for example in Luxemburg and Albania. I expect there to be several aquaponics farms in the future, especially in urban areas and nearby population centers. I’m very much looking forward to that! 20

Berlin erreichen! Flexibel, modern, reichweitenstark: Die innovative digitale Werbeanlage in der Hauptstadt 10,8 Millionen Kontakte/Monat* Hochmoderne LED-Werbeflächen in HD-Qualität Witterungsunabhängige Brillanz Tageszeitenabhängige Motive möglich Unbegrenzte Motivwechsel Animierte Spots möglich Setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung: ANIMIERTE SPOTS UND VIDEOS MÖGLICH! BERLINS GRÖSSTES LED-VIDEO- NETZWERK *Quelle: FAW Frequenzatlas 2016

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