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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2018

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TALK OF THE TOWN ORGANIC FOOD AND A LOW- MEAT DIET PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT A low-meat diet and the use of sustainable and ecologically produced food reduce our impact on the environment and help to protect natural resources. Switching to a vegetarian diet would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35%; choosing organically produced food would reduce it by 18%. The willingness on the part of consumers to purchase organic products has risen steadily in the past several years; since 2008, the sales and market share of organic food products have increased steadily. In 2015, sales in organic foodstuffs reached €8.6 billion, which represents a market share of 4.7. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT TRENDS After having dropped for several years, since 2007, CO 2 emissions owing to food consumption have risen slightly once again. The CO 2 -reducing effect of the increasing proportion of organic food consumption is being offset by the continued high level of meat consumption, among other things. In 2016, Germans consumed 60 kg of meat per capita compared to 59.6 kg in 2005 (BVDF 2017). Even though the trend is moving toward sustainable organic food consumption, and even though visitors to the International Green Week displayed a keen interest in the innovations emerging from the food industry, consumers are going to have to show that they are willing to change their eating habits over the long term if they want to reduce the impact of food consumption on the environment. IHK Berlin is organizing a food product market to be held on 6 September 2018 where producers and growers of regional food products from Berlin and Brandenburg will exhibit their wares. Photo: Advertise with impact in Berlin’s business magazine. BERLIN to go BUSINESS NEWS TO TAKE AWAY For media information and more details please contact: Telefon +49 43 777 82-20

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