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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2018

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TALK OF THE TOWN URBAN GARDENS AND BLEATING GOATS Text: Simone Fendler Green oases in Berlin – on the outskirts of the city or at its center, between apartment buildings or even on top of them There’s nothing better than feeling the first warm rays of summer on your face. Human beings, but also plants and animals, emerge from their winter slumbers, stretch their arms and move their faces to catch the sun. For many Berliners, this means “nature here I come!” And, indeed, Berlin has more than enough green spaces – as well as many that are off the beaten path yet easily accessible – for all those hobby gardeners and people looking for some serious recreation. The Spandauer Forst is among the largest, most beautiful and diverse forests in Berlin. One of its most popular recreational destinations is the chain of paths around the stream known as the Kuhlake (Schönwalder Allee). On the extensive grounds of the forest’s animal enclosure, visitors can watch moufflons, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boars. Special tip: starting in March, visitors can see the baby wild boars for the first time. At Danckelmannstraße 16 in the district of Charlottenburg, an inconspicuous entrance way leads to a 6,000 square meter courtyard where one is greeted with a symphony of cackles and bleats. This wide-reaching complex features a hustle and bustle of fowl and goats. Over the past decades, an urban idyll emerged here thanks to an association and the commitment of community members. Both the goat farm and the wildlife enclosure are free and open to the public. Since spring 2017, there’s considerable activity underway in front of the power plant in Mitte. During garden season, children run around with small cans watering the plants growing everywhere in wooden boxes and pots. There’s basil in one corner and currant berries in another. Neighbors recline on deck chairs, chat and enjoy the sun while kids dig in the nearby sandboxes. All of this in the heart of Berlin between multistory residential apartment blocks. Photo: Fischer 10

CoSMoPolitan all DaY SCHoolS all eXaMS international CreatiVe GraDeS 1–13 reliaBle anD ProVen Schooling paths at KANT For more than 50 years the state recognised all day schools of Private Kant-Schulen have been a generator of inspiration on Berlin’s educational scene. Open mindedness, friendly atmosphere and individual support of students are qualities we highly value. Learn more about us, our concepts, staff and modern facilities at one of our information events. We’re looking forward to meeting you! Kant-Grundschule personal atmosphere ∙ English from grade 1 to 6 ∙ guided homework hours Grunewaldstraße 44 · 12165 Berlin phone 82 00 70 900 Berlin international School Primary and Secondary school (E/G) offering BBR, MSA, IGCSE and IB-D examinsations Campus Dahlem · Lentzeallee 8/14 14195 Berlin · phone 82 00 77 780 Kant-oberschule Secondary school up to Abitur Economics in English or German Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 360 internationale Schule Berlin Primary and Secondary school (G/E) offering a Bilingual Abitur (university entrance) Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 35 Please visit us online at Verband Deutscher Privatschulen Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. Bildungseinrichtungen in freier Trägerschaft

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