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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2017

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STARTUP of complete digital solutions custom-designed to correspond to their market presence, investment expertise and investor content and services. At the moment, we’re waiting for our BaFin licensing as a financial portfolio manager. After that we will be able to offer all necessary services from one source. WHAT DO YOUR SERVICES FOR DIGITIZING COM- PANIES INVOLVE? CB: Digitization leads to individualization. The number of possible customer contact-points increases exponentially as a result of digitization; some studies say by roughly 20 times. Elinvar helps its partners take optimal advantage of these opportunities; we also enable them to handle actual performance creation, that is, the asset management itself, in a completely digital manner. In the end, it always comes down to being able to offer the best individual solutions for the end customer. HOW INNOVATIVE ARE YOU IN THIS PROCESS? CB: Very. In our field, we’re constantly working between the forces of regulation and progress. And precisely for this reason, the key to success is to always keep in mind innovative developments that could set a precedent for the future. FOR EXAMPLE? CB: Amazon Echo. We’re currently examining whether this voice service could be applied in the field of asset management communication. WHAT DOES YOUR COM- PANY’S NAME STAND FOR? CB: It’s the alloy a French-Swiss physicist named Guillaume received the Nobel Physics Prize for in 1920. The properties contained in Elinvar allowed it to increase the precision, for example, of watches. It’s an image that fits us perfectly: our features allow us to increase the individual strengths of our partners in the digital world. WHAT ROLE DOES BERLIN PLAY IN THIS? CB: Berlin is a city where many well-educated and innovative thinkers want to live. This is a tremendous advantage for FinTechs, and it complements our proximity to large banks, associations and political decision makers here. For the future development of the city’s Fin- Tech landscape, however, it will be crucial for Germany in general to remain an attractive location. If that is the case, then Berlin will continue to prosper as a FinTech capital in the future. THANK YOU. Chris Bartz Chris Bartz has been active in the financial sector for 20 years and is CEO & co-founder of Elinvar. As an industry expert, he works to foster and promote high-performance Fin- Tech ecosystems, digital banking and the advantages of digitization in general. This also applies to his work as head of Bitkom’s FinTechs & Digital Banking workgroup. Before founding Elinvar, he was a venture partner at FinLeap and head of corporate strategy and communications at Weberbank and Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse. He also worked in various functions at Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank. 34

weltoffen ganztags alle abschlüsse international Kreativ Klassen 1–13 verlässlich Bildungswege bei KANT Seit mehr als 50 Jahren geben die staatlich anerkannten Ganztagsschulen der Privaten Kant-Schulen der Berliner Bildungslandschaft neue Impulse. Weltoffenheit, persönliche Atmosphäre und die individuelle Förderung jedes Einzelnen liegen uns besonders am Herzen. Besuchen Sie eine unserer Infoveranstaltungen und lernen Sie unser Konzept, unsere engagierten Lehrer und unsere hervorragend ausgestatteten Schulen kennen. Wir freuen uns auf Sie! Kant-grundschule Familiäre Atmosphäre · Frühenglisch Schularbeiten unter Anleitung Grunewaldstraße 44 · 12165 Berlin Telefon 82 00 70 900 berlin international school Grund- und Oberschule (E/D) Abschlüsse BBR, MSA, IGCSE und IB-D Campus Dahlem · Lentzeallee 8/14 14195 Berlin · Telefon 82 00 77 780 Kant-oberschule Integrierte Sekundarschule mit gymnasialer Oberstufe Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · Telefon 79 000 360 internationale schule berlin Grund- und Oberschule (D/E) bis zur Hochschulreife Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · Telefon 79 000 35 Sie finden uns auch im Internet unter Verband Deutscher Privatschulen Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. Bildungseinrichtungen in freier Trägerschaft

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