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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2017

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LOCATION THE CAPITAL DISTRICT FACTS: Inhabitants: 363,263 Area: 3,947 ha Companies: 7,324 The borough of Mitte is home to the oldest historical sites in Berlin and remains the focal point of the metropolis today Since being consolidated on January 1st, 2001, the borough of Mitte – literally “middle” – has comprised the former boroughs of Mitte, Tiergarten and Wedding. This centrally located area is known for being simultaneously a grand metropolis and a cozy neighborhood. Indeed, it represents both a major world capital and a quiet residential location. Its six sub-districts are home to Germany’s federal parliament, the offices of the federal government, countless foreign embassies and major banks, while at the same time being a popular residential neighborhood and the site of many bars, restaurants, trendy clubs and that “green lung” of Berlin, the Tiergarten. Next to Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Mitte is one of only two Berlin boroughs that contains parts of former East and West Berlin. Mitte. Indeed, the proximity to political bodies is just as attractive for companies, banks and interest groups as it is for the hotel and foodservice industries. Mitte is also home to many young, creative and innovative companies. The ICT and media & advertising industries are broadly represented here – especially in the rapidly growing startup scene – and contribute significantly to Mitte’s reputation as a hip place to live and work. HIP AND HISTORICAL Today’s Berlin emerged in the 13th century out of the former towns of Berlin and Cölln, both of which are found in today’s Mitte. Over the centuries, Berlin integrated a number of suburban areas and gained its status as a center for politics, culture and science. The tourist attractions along Unter den Linden Boulevard embody this important role played by the center of the city. And today, once again, this is where Berlin and Germany are governed and administered, which accounts for the high concentration of state and federal offices in EXCELLENT AND NETWORKED Mitte’s vast number of university and R&D institutes – first and foremost Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin – make for a highly efficient linking of business and science. Humboldt is one of eleven “Universities of Excellence” in Germany and is well-known across the globe for its venerable Mitte campus as well as for the affiliated Charité University Hospital Berlin, the largest of its kind in Europe. Several small and medium-sized healthcare companies have set up shop here near world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, such as Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer and Sanofi, as well near renowned scientific institutes, such as the Robert Koch Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Infectious Biology. Business and industry tap into sources of inspiration Photos: / Robert Herhold, Heike Zappe 28

LOCATION ADVANTAGES First-rate infrastructure with excellent public transport connections Hauptbahnhof and Westhafen: A leading rail transport hub and one of the largest inland ports in Germany Political proximity: parliament and government district, home to federal lawmakers, business associations and leading institutions Berlin’s startup scene. The borough’s growing number of startups has led to the establishment of a high-tech business and science location here. Young enterprises, such as the startup campus known as Factory, are given support. At Focus Teleport, Mitte has a modern service center for the computer and electronics industry; and Green Moabit is a centrally located development project involving cutting-edge industries. Business growth in Mitte also gets a boost from its central location within Berlin, especially from its good public transport connections and the hubs at Hauptbahnhof and Westhafen. Photo: Berlin Partner - Wüstenhagen Venerable companies, dynamic startup scene and innovation sites Attractive, centrally located areas for the craft sector, hightech firms, logistics, production and service providers High density of science institutes World-renowned squares and streets that draw tourists provided by the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, which connects practice-oriented training with applied R&D and boasts the largest range of engineering programs in the region. INNOVATIVE FROM OLD TO NEW Mitte is also the birthplace of Berlin’s industrial history. The city’s largest inner-city industrial area – the Industrie- und Gewerbegebiet Moabit – is located here directly at the Spree. From the wholesale market at Westhafen all the way to the district of Wedding, there are many commercial parks featuring small and middle-sized enterprises, particularly those active in mobility and logistics, production and mechanical engineering and information and communication technology. Longstanding traditions and cutting-edge tech merge effortlessly at the Technologie-Park Humboldthain, the follow-up to Germany’s first founders’ center (BIG), located on a former AEG production site. This is where young tech-oriented companies, such as Specs Surface Nano Analysis, meet scientific institutes such as the Fraunhofer IZM and the facilities of TU Berlin on Campus Wedding. Mitte is also the leader in HIDDEN CHAMPION In addition to well-known companies such as Siemens, Brose, Conti and Atotech, Mitte is also home to firms that are less recognized yet globally eminent in their particular fields. For example, Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH, a venerable company from Mitte that began producing industrial drive technologies in 1927; since then, Menzel has consistently developed and expanded its range of products for industrial facilities of all kinds. Today, the third-generation family-owned-and-operated company is a worldwide supplier of three-phase and asynchronous motors as well as direct-current motors. Menzel offers not only a high quality standard; it also scores points in terms of speed, service and engineering. Borough Advisor, Berlin-Mitte Stefan Schulze Text: Anke Templiner Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH c/o Borough of Mitte, Berlin · Business Development Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1 · 10551 Berlin Tel +49 30 9212-2828 29

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