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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2017

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SERVICE BOOMING BUSINESS The balance sheet of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology shows how digitization is causing a boom in the number of companies setting up shop in the city Berlin’s economy continues to evolve positively. The end-of-year numbers at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology confirm this solid economic growth: Berlin Partner supported companies as part of 302 projects that generated a total of 6,775 new jobs in the capital. Roughly €552.5 million is being invested in these endeavors. As the city’s major business development agency, Berlin Partner assists companies as they set up offices in Berlin, but also in their continued growth in the capital. Since 2014, the number of companies setting up shop in Berlin has doubled to 126 in 2016. Companies from southern Germany are especially attracted to working with the local startup scene here. And, for the first time in five years, more jobs are being created by companies relocating to Berlin than by existing companies expanding their business. A look at Berlin’s official clusters and sectors shows that the digital economy continues to generate the strongest gains in employment. Over half of all jobs in projects assisted by Berlin Partner are implemented in the cluster referred to as ICT, Media and Creative Industries. Many jobs are also being created at the interface between the digital economy and other sectors, such as the transport industry. For example, VW moved its Digital:Lab to Berlin in 2016. VW’s software experts work here on a digital ecosystem that offers new mobility services and everything relating to the networked automobile. The lab has now grown to 50 employees. The industrial sector and the startup scene make a significant contribution to the city’s positive economic development across all clusters and sectors; as part of Berlin Partner-assisted projects, every 3rd job is created at a startup and over half of investments continue to come from the industrial sector. The networking of established companies and founders acts as both a driver OVER 50% OF INVESTMENT FROM INDUSTRY, AND EVERY 3RD JOB CREATED AT A STARTUP 2,162 2,538 6,775 Startups* Industry* Overall NEWLY CREATED JOBS *Across all clusters and sectors 124 328 552.5 Startups* Industry* Overall INVESTMENTS IN € MILLIONS 22

of innovation and a guarantee for the creation and securing of jobs. An example of this is LED- VANCE, a giant in the lighting industry, teaming up with volatiles lighting, a startup specializing in innovative area lighting: Berlin Partner brought the two companies together. Through their collaboration, volatiles lighting gained access to new markets, and LEDVANCE won development opportunities in the smart-home business while creating new jobs at the Berlin factory. Volatiles lighting has since moved to the factory premises. The innovative strength of Berlin’s economy is also boosted by the third-party funds acquired by Berlin Partner. In fact, the development company can look back on a successful year: they were able to raise the level of third-party funds by over 30% to roughly €49 million. Other strong drivers of this trend are the healthcare and optical industries. THIRD-PARTY FUNDS FOR BERLIN: AN OVER 70% INCREASE IN TWO YEARS 48.9 MILLION THIRD-PARTY FUNDS RAISED IN 2016 Text: Annabell Dörksen ANZEIGE According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death throughout the world. That’s why we’re investigating treatments to manage heart failure, as well as prevent myocardial infarctions and strokes. Which heart patient wouldn’t love to benefit from that? To find out how our innovations are helping to change lives for the better, visit 23

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