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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2016

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We print in the heart of

We print in the heart of Berlin As a special city, Berlin needs a special printer business. LASERLINE sets the standard by providing quality full service, environmentally friendly production, maximal print quality and innovative ideas. Easy to find online and always there for you in person, we’re ready to get your ideas on paper.

EDITORIAL “Why Berlin? – The capital as a magnet for investors, talent and global corporations” EDITORIAL Illustration Cover: Till Schermer; photos Cover: IBB, Bezirksmanagement Schöneweide, Doodle; Portrait Dr. S. Franzke: Fotostudio-Charlottenburg Dear Reader, Berlin’s appeal is stronger than ever before. Investors, talented people of all kinds, global corporations – everyone’s flocking to the city. But why Berlin? Because the German capital is on the upswing. Last year, economic growth was once again above the national average. Berlin’s €2.1 billion of venture capital in 2015 stole Europe’s startup crown. How can a company resist the mating calls of innovation radiating from the city’s startup scene? Those in search of talented individuals will also strike it rich in Berlin. We are actively fomenting this growth with economic promotion. In 2015, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology helped 99 companies find their way to Berlin – that’s 60% more than the previous year. In this issue of Berlin to go, we’ve given space to companies, which have opted for Berlin, to answer the question “Why Berlin?” For example, Würth explains why the digitization of screws is happening in Berlin. Corning Cable reports on how its vision of “A day made of glass” is taking shape in the capital area. And the IT experts at Doodle outline the reasons they chose Berlin as a base for taking their company global. Happy reading! Best wishes, Dr. Stefan Franzke BERLIN TO GO 3

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