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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2016

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STARTUP A HOTBED OF NEW IDEAS AND ENTREPRENEURS A growing number of accelerators and incubators are being launched in the capital – offering ideal environments for startups to develop ideas and bring them to market More and more companies are moving to Berlin to gain access to the city’s creative startup scene. Together with young founders and entrepreneurs, these companies are working to create and sustain a new digital future. In order to meet the growing demand, a number of innovative accelerators and incubators have been established in the German capital. Techberlin provides an overview. The portal lists and showcases Berlin-based incubators and accelerators where founders can bring their ideas to market maturity. The portal has been around since 2015 and now acts as the digital contact point for wide-ranging information on Berlin’s ever-growing tech and startup scene. Following the example of, the Berlin platform allows young entrepreneurs, developers, venture capitalists and tech enthusiasts of all kinds to gather information and exchange ideas. The platform offers news and resources regarding public offerings, event tips, job offerings, office spaces, work spaces and business startups. It was launched as a result of a collaboration between Berlin Startup Unit IBM, which acts as its industry partner, and Openers, which handles the networking. While incubators usually emerge at university-based founders centers, such as the TU Berlin’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, these days increasingly more large corporations are turning to incubators/accelerators as a way to get involved in innovation directly with startups. These companies seek to foster rapid growth by contributing money, know-how and strategic contacts. In Berlin, internet and software companies like Microsoft and Cisco aren’t the only ones supporting incubators and accelerators; consumer goods manufacturers like Henkel and pharmaceutical companies and energy providers like RWE are also getting involved. Incubators/Accelerators Both incubators and accelerators carry out the work of supporting startups by providing coaching sessions, networks, know-how, jobs and resources. Accelerators offer services and support measures designed to encourage the fastest possible success with the help of already existing business models. At accelerators, a business idea is fleshed out and turned into a reality as part of an accelerator program. An incubator, on the other hand, is based on a concept taken from the world of medical technology and is seen as a breeding ground for creative startup ideas and their founders. Ideas are “hatched” in the incubator and then nurtured through making office space, networks, capital and knowhow available. Incubators also organize and carry out brainstorming sessions. Axel Springer’s Plug and Play is one example of a well-known Berlin accelerator. Deutsche Telekom’s hub:raum and Project A Ventures by Otto are examples of leading incubators in the capital. Photo: iStock/ michal-rojek 26 BERLIN TO GO

STARTUP Lufthansa (Innovation Hub) Lufthansa is the world’s largest airline and will have invested a total of €500 million in business and tech innovations by 2020. The company founded its “Innovation Hub” in order to remain as close as possible to the startup and digital technology community. Lufthansa supports startups with expert knowledge that allows young companies to create new and innovative solutions in the field of aviation. Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin At the Berlin branch of its Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program, the company uses its know-how to foster tech ideas in a 3,000 m 2 co-working space. Over the course of a four-month program, startups receive first-class mentoring, technical training and the opportunity to network with investors, capital lenders, Microsoft experts, various industry professionals as well as with the local media. Axel Springer Plug and Play Axel Springer Plug and Play is a fusion of Axel Springer SE and a leading startup investor from Silicon Valley known as the Plug and Play Tech Center. Three times each year, the program supports up to ten startups working on digital and media-related business ideas. The program comprises an initial financing package alongside office space, mentoring, workshops and access to the international networks of both partners. Project A Ventures Project A Ventures is an incubator financed by the German mail-order company Otto. An investment fund and its associated management agency support startups in the fields of e-commerce and marketplaces, infrastructure and data, as well as software as a service. GTEC – German Tech Entrepreneurship Center Henkel founded the German Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) in Berlin in cooperation with RWE, assorted foundations and the ESMT (European School of Management and Technology). This platform brings tech-based startups together under one roof with international companies, academic institutes and investors. Their objective is to support innovative founders during their early development phases. The GTEC integrates teaching, education and business creation into one institution and is open to both German and international founders. FinLeap FinLeap is an international FinTech incubator active in Berlin and San Francisco. At FinLeap, new technologies and scalable business models are developed in order to make digital services in the field of financial services more affordable, simple and transparent. hub:raum – Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom’s Hubraum program is located in a 2,000 m 2 space in Berlin-Schöneberg and offers an ideal environment for startups at different development stages, whether in the accelerator or the incubator. The program offers mentoring, seed funding and networking opportunities. Photo: St. Oberholz © Berlin Partner Techstars Metro Accelerator METRO AG’s Techstars Metro Accelerator provides mentorship for startups in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors. This accelerator supports tech-driven startups with innovative ideas for digital products and services across the value chain. Support is given in particular to new solutions for payment, ordering, delivery, warehouse management, supply chain optimization, logistics, Big Data, SaaS and much more. St. Oberholz on Rosenthaler Platz has been the cradle of many successful startup ideas. BERLIN TO GO 27

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