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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2016

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DISCUSSION CORNING MAKES BERLIN ITS WINDOW ON EUROPE Thomas Edison created light in the laboratory, but before he could take it anywhere he needed something to put it in. He turned to Corning for a solution, and the glass light bulb was born. Almost 140 years after helping Edison light the world Corning is still producing innovations and new technologies that touch millions of lives in Europe and around the globe. The company has a major presence in Berlin – the Corning Technology Center in the Adlershof Science and Technology Park. Corning has consistently advanced glass technology through an innovation model supported by extensive scientific research. The company opened its Berlin technology center in 2012 to be close to the city’s depth of engineering and scientific talent in optics, materials science, chemical and mechanical engineering. Corning also wanted a place in Germany to collaborate more closely with its European customers. The Adlershof technology center showcases new innovations from Corning. Corning’s Gorilla glass is used on smartphones, tablets and touch screens around the world. Despite its presence in Germany and its long history of innovation, Corning might be the best-known American company that most German consumers have never heard of. And many of them are holding a piece of Corning in their hand right now. Corning® Gorilla® Glass is thin, damage resistant, optically clear, and has been used on 4.5 billion smartphones, tablets and touch screens to date. Many of those same devices communicate over fiber optic strands, another Corning invention. Corning’s reach also extends well beyond handheld electronics. Corning ceramic substrates are in the catalytic converters of millions of vehicles. Pyrex laboratory glass and cookware was also invented by a Corning researcher. As a leading developer of touchscreen materials, Corning has envisioned a universe of new applications to surround people with touchscreens to make their work easier and their lives more pleasant. Some of those applications are depicted in Corning’s video, “A Day Made of Glass.” In these videos, an interactive screen used as a closet door helps a girl assemble her outfit for the day while in a room away, her mother checks her office calendar on a screen in the vanity mirror. The video also showcases a medical technician in a local hospital using interactive display screens to precisely position a scanner as well as a passenger darkening a car window against morning glare by gliding her finger over it. In addition, the video also shows a professional giving a presentation using an entire wall of the conference room as her palette. Corning demonstrated innovations like these at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016. The company expects to collaborate with European companies through its technology centers in Paris and Berlin to make the vision expressed in “A Day Made of Glass” a reality. Photo: Corning 16 BERLIN TO GO

DISCUSSION Photo: – Sergey Nivens BERLIN TO GO 17

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