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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2016

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DISCUSSION “ALL ROADS LEAD TO BERLIN” With its new Competence Center in Berlin-Adlershof, the globally active Würth Elektronik eiSos Group is focusing strongly on research and development The Würth Elektronik eiSos Group, with about 6,100 employees worldwide, is a subsidiary of the Künzelsaubased Würth Group, which has itself made business history as a global market leader in assembly materials. The overall enterprise, led by Prof Dr. h.c. mult. Reinhold Würth, is a pioneering company in many respects. A visit to Pierre Lohrber, who heads the brand-new Würth Elektronik eiSos Competence Center, swiftly offers an impression of why: Innovation lies at the heart of the Würth mission. Newly laid roads, ultra-modern offices and business complexes, with spacious atriums and meeting places between the buildings. Science, research, industry and technology are represented by turns, while international players are clearly as comfortable here as the small startups and think tanks. This is Berlin-Adlershof, which has created a name for itself as a new science and business center in the city’s east. As a mini-“Stanford Industrial Park” (the birthplace of the future Silicon Valley), the location helps link the key actors of Industry 4.0. Helping to lead the charge is the Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG Competence Center, which opened on 23 October 2015. Pierre Lohrber, head of the new facility, is excited about the opportunities this presents. He has worked for the Baden- Württemberg company for more than four years, and is responsible both for the Berlin location and the firm’s capacitor division. “Our company manufactures electronic and electromechanical components, particularly passive components, power modules and LEDs. In recent years, our goal has been to distinguish ourselves in these areas by providing excellent service to the market. What drives us is innovation from the initial moment of design. Rather than developing just a single component, we’re involved early in the design process, and work with our partners’ overall solutions as a systems provider.” Lohrber’s team consists primarily of development and application engineers who develop new components or work closely with customers on application development and integration tasks. The facility also offers seminars and training sessions. Innovation has been a corporate value for the Würth Group since 1945. Its driving force, Reinhold Würth, took over the company at just 19 years old following the death of his father, and built it with unparalleled strategic skill into a global corporation. His guiding principle has always been to please customers through high-quality work. The company’s international slogan – “More than you expect” – clearly reflects this. “The quality of our products and services has always been a clear focus for us,” says Lohrber. This is equally true of the parent company and all Würth subsidiaries. But what exactly does this mean? “Anyone who wants to deliver quality must remain innovative,” answers Lohrber. “And if you Soon possible thanks to Würth technology: loading smartphones simply by laying them on the tabletop. All Photos: Würth 12 BERLIN TO GO

DISCUSSION want to be innovative, you have to develop in a sustainable way. Thus, innovation and sustainability are the real factors behind our success.” The decision to locate in Berlin’s international industry and technology hotspot was for this reason a natural one. “Berlin has a real draw. As the capital, it’s incredibly cosmopolitan and liberal, and has an unassuming, even rough charm that comes from its history as a working-class city. It offers a huge diversity of cultural attractions and professional and networking opportunities. Any company wanting to do forward-looking work with today’s key Industry 4.0 players will find Berlin a perfect place to be.” Lohrber’s enthusiasm for the city on the Spree is evident as he speaks. After traveling for business 150 days out of the year, the native Berliner is always happy to come home, and he appreciates the unpretentious character of his hometown. The Adlershof Technology Park functions as an incubator for his company. “The ability to network with our on-site neighbors – research institutions, university partners, customers – is outstanding. Berlin Partner has helped us very actively with networking as we’ve established our presence here,” Lohrber says. For him, the access to young engineers and developers from startups, scientific forums and think tanks is particularly exciting. “So many young people from all around the world are working on technological innovation here. The opportunity to combine their know-how and our strengths in imple- Facts and figures • Würth Group (parent): Headquartered in Künzelsau, approx. 69,000 employees in over 400 companies and 80 countries around the world. Annual turnover 2015: approx. €11 billion. Würth Group is the world market leader in its core business, trade in fastening and assembly materials. Chairman of Supervisory Board: Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Reinhold Würth. Würth Elektronik’s Competence Center under construction. mentation gives this site an enormous advantage.” To this end, the company provides internships for students working toward bachelors’ and masters’ degrees on relevant subjects, and offers diverse early-career opportunities. The Würth Elektronik eiSos Group Competence Center is initially staffed by 40 employees, but is expected to expand to around 100, with further growth options remaining open. By 2020, the parent company’s corporate strategy projects yearly revenues of €800 million for the subsidiary. This is a formidable goal, to which Lohrber looks forward energetically: “Business evolution is a question of development options. We have the perfect conditions for this in Adlershof – you can really build something here. And here in Berlin, we offer the ‘place to be,’ which makes our company more attractive for applicants from all over the world.” It’s thus no accident that the company’s Adlershof building also houses two other internationally active firms that have established a presence here with the same objective in mind. However, the fact that these two companies also coincidentally come from Künzelsau makes Lohrber smile. “All roads lead to Berlin,” he says. ih • Würth Elektronik Group: Headquartered in Niedernhall, approx. 7,400 employees in 50 countries. Annual turnover 2014: approx. €527 million, one of the most successful companies of the Würth Group. Management: Jürgen Klohe, Jörg Murawski. • Würth Elektronik eiSos Group: Headquartered in Waldenburg, approx. 6,100 employees in 50 countries, annual turnover 2015: approx. €475 million. Core business: passive components, power modules and LEDs. One of the largest European manufacturers of passive components. Management: Oliver Konz, Thomas Schrott. Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director, Berlin Partner; Pierre Lohrber, Head of Würth Elektronik eiSos’ Competence Center Berlin; Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin; Jörg Murawski, Managing Director, Würth Elektronik Group; and Oliver Konz, Managing Director, Würth Elektronik eiSos Group (left to right). BERLIN TO GO 13

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