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Berlin - City of Science

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Students of the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk) Berlin. Photo: André Hellemans

Real-world and future-oriented Berlin's universities of applied sciences qualify students for the realworld economy and offer modern knowledge transfer systems. Berlin's seven state-run universities of applied sciences come in exactly where a close meshing of real-world teaching and application-oriented research with a transfer of knowledge to the economy are required. Almost 60,000 students are enrolled at these institutions. The range of courses at the renowned Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin ranges from 'classic' engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering to innovative degree courses such as media informatics, biotechnology, medical physics, food technology, screen-based media, geoinformation, and theater and events engineering. In addition to its excellent engineering degree courses, the HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences is also known for its extraordinarily diverse range of degree courses in the fields of technology, business, informatics, culture, and visual design. Hence, it is particularly suited to interdisciplinary research projects. A diverse profile for all walks of life The study profile at the Berlin School of Economics and Law focuses on economics, administration, and the administration of justice. Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin offers degrees in the disciplines of social work, healthcare, physiotherapy, nursing, and education. The universities of the neighboring state of Brandenburg complement what Berlin offers, such as the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, which is located right outside Berlin's southern city limits. In Wildau, the practical courses focus on the fields of mechanical engineering, telematics, logistics, as well as economics and administrative science. Top management degrees at private universities In addition to the state universities, the science location of Berlin is also home to over 30 private universities, which, like the ESMT European School of Management and Technology or the ESCP Europe Business School Berlin, train the economic decision-makers of tomorrow with an international focus. A true think tank where political leaders go to receive their qualifications is the Hertie School of Governance with its exceedingly international profile. Furthermore, Berlin has also established itself as a coveted location for professional development and part-time further education courses. For example, the Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin and the FOM University of Applied Sciences qualify gifted young talents for future leadership roles in business and the economy.

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