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Photonics from Berlin-Brandenburg

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Profile der Aussteller aus Berlin Brandenburg auf der LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015

6 exhibitor profiles

6 exhibitor profiles exhibitor profiles 7 Berlin Adlershof BERLINER GLAS GROUP Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Compact Laser Solutions Berlin Adlershof is one of the most successful high-tech locations in Germany and Berlin‘s biggest media location. On an area of 4.2 km2 1.003 companies and research institutes (status as of March 2014) have settled, all embedded in an overall urban development concept. Altogether, Adlershof is the workplace of 15,553 people and 9,451 students. At the core of the concept is a Science and Technology Park with 459 companies and ten non-university research institutes. They focus on: • Photonics and optics • Renewable energies and photovoltaics • Microsystems and materials • IT and media • Biotechnology and environment • Analytics • OEM optical solutions • Integration of optics, mechanics and electronics • From concept to series production The BERLINER GLAS GROUP is one of the world’s leading providers of optical key components, assemblies and systems as well as high-quality refined technical glass. With more than 1,100 employees, BERLINER GLAS develops, produces and integrates optics, mechanics and electronics into innovative system solutions for its customers. As OEM partners from concept to series production, the BERLINER GLAS GROUP companies serve innovative customers in various market segments − semiconductor industry, medical technology, metrology, laser and space technology, analytics, defense and the display industry. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers business and technology promotion for companies, investors and science institutes in Berlin. With carefully tailored services and excellent links to research, our experts provide an outstanding range of offerings to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin. As a unique Public Private Partnership, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is a cooperation between the Berlin State Senate and over 200 companies dedicated to promoting their city. Berlin Partner is also responsible for the German capital’s global marketing, for example with the successful “be Berlin” campaign. COMPACT LASER SOLUTIONS is a manufacturer of highclass lasersystems situated in Germany, having more than 25 years of experience in the development of state-of-theart pulsed DPSS lasers. All our beamsources are designed on-site in our labs in Germany. We offer an interesting variety of different models and wavelengths, such as 355nm, 532nm and 1064nm. With our CONQUEROR-series we developed the world‘s most powerful laser, considering its enormous pulsepeak-power even at high frequencies as well as its extraordinarily compact size. In addition to our pulsed lasers, we also offer CW-models. Due to their outstanding compactness and very light weight, even our high power 10W UV-lasers are perfect for being integrated into gantry systems and to be combined with small and reasonably priced multi axis robotsystems. Depending on your needs, our lasers come as OEM-beamsources or as full marking lasers including high-speedscanhead, F-Theta and markingsoftware. Our lasers are integrated and used 24/7 by major companies, such as automotive manufacturers and semiconductor producers, worldwide for micromaching- and marking-applications. Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co. Berlin Adlershof - WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH Compact Laser Solutions GmbH Phone: +49 30 6392 2250 Phone: +49 30609050 Phone: +49 (30) 46302 - 500 Phone: +49 30 2355540 Contact: Sandra Chabrier Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Verena Thiele Hall B1, Booth 405 Contact: Gerrit Rössler Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Werner Nickel Hall B3, Booth 359 (c/o Berlin Partner)

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