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Photonics from Berlin-Brandenburg

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Profile der Aussteller aus Berlin Brandenburg auf der LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015

28 exhibitor profiles

28 exhibitor profiles exhibitor profiles 29 University of Potsdam, ALS ComBi University of Potsdam, Physical Chemistry UVphotonics • Modern laser-based sensing concepts (e.g. for single molecule or super-resolution spectroscopy/microscopy) • Application laboratory for R&D-projects • Biosensors based on photonic crystals or Fiber Bragg Gratings The main objective of the BMBF funded InnoProfile-Transfer junior research group ALS ComBi is the development and optimization of modern laser-based sensing methods and their application for biochemical, biophysical and physiological topics. Thereby, the work is focussed on the detailed characterisation of complex biosystems ranging from biomolecules in vitro and their interactions, living cells up to whole organisms. Thus, one challenge is the establishment of techniques analysing bio-targets of different sizes and complexity. The activities of ALS ComBi involve various local and national companies with expertise across a number of fields within photonics and life science. • Photophysics & Photochemistry • Optical Sensing • Environmental & Material Chemistry Modern laser spectroscopy and optical sensing for fundamental and applied research are the core capabilities of the Physical Chemistry group of the University of Potsdam (UPPC). In the focus of interest are research topics such as photophysics and photochemistry of organic molecules, environmental chemistry and analytics, fiber-optical process sensing or biomonitoring. UPPC has an excellent technical infrastructure allowing measurements of high temporal, spatial and spectral resolution as well as imaging and single molecule detection. Particular emphasis is placed on the combination of fundamental and applied research, which is realised in R&D projects with local, national and international research and industrial partners. The focus of UVphotonics is the design, development, and marketing of highly efficient and reliable UV-B and UV-C LEDs for applications in disinfection, medicine, sensing and industrial production. The product portfolio comprises standardized products as well as UV LEDs tailored to customerspecific demands. The profound technological expertise of the UVphotonics team ensures that customers are provided with the most suitable and efficient LEDs for their applications. UVphotonics is in the process of being founded as a spin-off from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut fuer Hoechstfrequenztechnik and the Technische Universitaet Berlin and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. InnoProfile-Transfer Junior Research Group Applied Laser Sensing in Complex Biosystems (ALS ComBi), University of Potsdam Physical Chemistry, University of Potsdam (UPPC) UVphotonics i.G. @Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Phone: +49 331 9775255 Phone: +49 331 9775221 Phone +49 30 63922634 Contact: Dr. Carsten Hille Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Gerd Löhmannsröben Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Neysha Lobo-Ploch Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion)

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