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Industrie 4.0 in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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Manufacturing in the Era of the Industrial Internet Companies AEMtec ATeB Automatisierungstechnik ATOS Aucoteam Automation-Berlin Kunz Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier Azeti Networks B.Grauel bbi-biotech BEACONinside BeanAir Beckhoff BOGEN Electronic Bosch Sicherheitssysteme Bosch Software Innovations Boschen & Oetting budatec Bundesdruckerei Carneios Cassantec CCVOSSEL Cisco CoreNetiX Coriant CPC analytics Cronon CSE Dacort DPI Automatisierungssysteme Dr. Brunthaler Industrielle Informationstechnik Dr. Riedel Automatisierungstechnik embeddeers eMessage Wireless Information Services F&M Maschinenbau Factor-E Analystics Fernsteuergeräte Kurt Oelsch First Sensor FLEXIM Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG Fuss EMV GE Gemalto GESAA GFaI Graebert GSP HARTING IT Software Development HTS Elektrotechnik infotecs Internet Security Software init Innominate Security Technologies inpro InSystems Automation Interautomation Deutschland IWiS IT-Consult Jonas & Redmann Kieback & Peter Klero Roboterautomation Knick Elektronische Messgeräte KT-Elektronik LeapMetrics lesswire »The Fraunhofer IPK pushes forward the development of Industrie 4.0 solutions. In application-oriented projects, we connect the production process and make it intelligent and flexible. In the future, all parts of production – people, components and machines – will be linked to the latest information technology and can communicate and cooperate with each other directly. The result is dynamic, self-organizing value creation networks, which can be optimized according to various criteria.« Prof. Dr. h. c. Dr.-Ing. Eckart Uhlmann Institute Director Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK Industrie 4.0the complete networking of industrial manufacturing through the use of IP-based networks – increases the efficiency and flexibility of companies and is therefore the most sought-after topic in the industry of the future. The capital region Berlin-Brandenburg has an excellent research landscape and a vibrant high-tech startup scene which offers companies located here a great opportunity! The region stands for energy, networking and creative renewal. Innovative business models have been developed and tested through the unique interaction between various players. Science, startups, innovative SMEs and globally operating companies have made Berlin into their testing grounds and are pioneers of the fourth industrial revolution. Versatile industries The capital region boasts a modern and competitive industry across all sectors. There are many manufacturing companies that have improved productivity as users of Industrie 4.0 technologies. The medical technology company Biotronik, the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles factory in Ludwigsfelde and the OSRAM plant in Berlin are just some of the many pioneers that have extensively implemented Industrie 4.0 technologies. OSRAM, the world‘s second-largest manufacturer of lamps and lighting systems is restructuring large parts of its technologically challenging production line in Berlin as a group-wide Industrie 4.0 pilot project. »Industrie 4.0 is now a household name, but not every company has experience and expertise in this area. During the last few years, we have systematically prepared a transition into the digital age at our pilot location, Berlin. The manufacturing processes have been automated and we are constantly upgrading the information and data exchange between humans and machines.« Ingolf Schröder Vice President Global Manufacturing OSRAM GmbH

Technologies Numerous companies specializing in ICT, optical communications, sensors and analysis as well as automation supply the technology for implementing Industrie 4.0 concepts. They are available as development partners for new areas of application and system integration. • Safety: Bundesdruckerei (the German Federal Printing Office) sets highest standards for IT security and identity management. The company has thus developed processes and technologies together with partners from science and business that can be used in other industry segments. The current partnerships include the BeID-Lab (Berlin Electronic Identity Laboratory), which was founded in cooperation with the Humboldt University for developing software solutions such as eIDClientCore, among others, and the Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster »Next Generation ID«. • Robotics: pi4_robotics not only offers the perfect human-like robot, »workerbot«, for implementing Industrie 4.0 factories, but uses the application itself. Starting in 2016, the new workerbot generation will be produced as a human-machine-collaboration at the Berlin plant. • Sensors: The sensor solutions from First Sensor are the basis for digitizing Berlin’s industry. They collect relevant data, process it and generate the reaction in an intelligent system. This makes it possible, for example, to monitor the conditions of »BIOTRONIK not only embodies the Industrie 4.0 but also stands for Medical Technology 4.0. We developed a type of intelligent technology back in 2000 which linked our patients using a pacemaker and defibrillator to their doctor. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring not only contributes tremendous efficiency potential for medical care but also demonstrably improves the health of patients.« the machines in an automated production process. • Communication/M2M: The Berlin-based startup relayr provides a cloud platform and simple open-source tools (software development kit and a sensor kit), enabling fast and cost-effective development of new solutions, devices and services for the Internet of Things. Companies and organizations of all sizes can quickly develop their own IoT solutions: from prototypes to rolling out the solutions within one fiscal quarter (relayr IoT Innovation Accelerator). • ERP/MES: As a consortium partner of the research project WInD, PSI Automotive & Industry has created a horizontally and vertically integrated production process for the “StreetScooter” electric car. The PSI Network Cloud for easy Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) among user companies simplifies a higher level of horizontal integration across companies. • Industrial IT: PI Informatik supports projects for digitizing company structures with its expertise in the area of system integration. A key element is innovative, safe and legally compliant cloud computing. Therefore, the company is also a founding member of the Trusted Cloud competence network, an initiative from the German Federal Ministry of Economics ( »Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity develops high-availability and high-performance IT security products, including robust high-speed encryption solutions for protecting industrial control networks as well as Next Generation Firewall and endpoint solutions for prevention against cyber attacks on SCADA, IT/OT & Co. Being located in Berlin is especially beneficial for us due to the proximity to public initiatives, associations and research institutions that promote Industrie 4.0 with a focus on IT security.« Peter Rost Head of Marketing Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH • Automation/Logistics: InSystems Automation in Berlin-Adlershof develops and implements innovative Industrie 4.0 systems from a single source: autonomous transport robots for a flexible material flow, intelligent assembly control systems for creating maximum process reliability and customized automation solutions for production and quality assurance. The companies are great examples of the diversity of Berlin‘s expertise in the field of Industrie 4.0. For an overview, check out the Industrie 4.0 Expertise Map – an interactive map of the capital region where all known industry suppliers and integrators are listed and located: Dr. Hans-Jürgen Wildau Vice President Health Services & Electrophysiology BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG

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