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Digital Economy in Berlin

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Digital Economy Working in Berlin Room for ideas Those who want to found a company need a good and readily available office infrastructure. The city of Berlin itself is founded on creatives, freelancers, founders and established companies and offers jobs for every type of interest. To go: Meet-up Cafés Turn on your computer and work a few hours – that’s possible in numerous cafés with Internet access. Many of them can be found around Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin-Mitte To connect: Coworking Spaces With over 100 coworking spaces, Berlin is the European pioneer for creating a new work culture. World renowned companies are, for example, betahaus, Ahoy! Berlin, Agora, Factory and mobilesuite. Work spaces can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and shared services include Internet, copy machines, conference rooms and coffee makers. Coworking is particularly popular with young start-ups that still cannot afford their own office space or are not ready to invest in one. Perfect side effect: they help to expand your own network, pave the way for business opportunities and find new employees. Some companies and SMEs consciously place their teams in coworking spaces on a daily basis so they can get access to creative talent. Even well-known international providers like WeWork (USA) and Mindspace (Israel) have started co-working spaces in Berlin. The Senate’s Economic Department / Projekt Zukunft have put together an overview of all providers. To do: Maker Labs Berlin is setting another trend with maker labs, open workshops and do-it-yourself workshops, for example, the Open Innovation Space, Fab Lab Berlin and the Open Design City. The idea: learn how to deal with the latest technical devices, develop your own ideas and produce highly individualized prototypes quickly without producing your own high costs. Enthusiasts of all professions can experiment with professional tools, high-tech equipment (3D printers, laser cutters, computerized cutting, sewing machines), ma terials (wood, metal, fabric), software and electronics. To stay: Renting office spaces Growing founder teams have excellent development opportunities in Berlin: Well-equipped and affordable office space can be found quickly in all parts of the city, Broadband Internet connections are available everywhere and commercial rents are affordable compared to other cities internationally. Office space in Berlin, with an average of 17.50 euros net basic rent per square meter per month, is significantly cheaper than in London, Paris, Hamburg or Munich. To synergize: Campus facilities New campus complexes are constantly popping up in Berlin, at which numerous players from the digital economy and science come together to form an ecosystem of their own. The proximity to each other as well as the networking and advisory services helps them to develop new business ideas successfully. These include The Factory, the GTEC German Tech Entrepreneurship Center, the Campus Charlottenburg, the Euref Campus and Adlershof Technology Park. Another start-up campus will come to life in Berlin in 2016 – the “Rocket Tower” from the company builders Rocket Internet AG. And the Senate plans to turn the buildings of the former Tempelhof airport into a creative and start-up center. List of Links Business Location Center Coworking Spaces in Berlin: projektzukunft/standortinformationen/ coworking-spaces-in-berlin/ Future Locations in Berlin: sen/wirtschaft/wirtschaft-und-technologie/ technologiezentren-zukunftsorte-smart-city/ zukunftsorte/artikel.109346.php Berlin Start-up Map Tempelhofer Freiheit 14

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