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Design and Usability in the Capital Region Berlin Brandenburg

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World Usability Day Berlin 2016 “Design meets nutrition” workshop series in Potsdam Business Apliki Psychologische IT-Beratung Aperto AVM Audiovisuelles Marketing und Computersysteme bao Blaue Botschaft Creative Construction Heroes D-LABS Ergosign GmbH excentos GmbH Exozet Berlin Eye-Square HFC Human Factors Consult IxDS Interaction Design interactive tools INNOKI Studios Leanproductable LoCoNet GmbH Man+Machine Interface Works Micromovie Neofonie SAP Innovation Center Scoreberlin Service Innovation Labs Test IO trinckle 3D Printing Solutions USEEDS Userlutions USEYE Usetree User Interface Design Userfriend Usability Agentur UCD Digital Agentur Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe GmbH YOUSE Usability and User Experience as Factors for Success Usability and user experience – in short: UUX – are increasingly understood to be success factors of companies. Products that demonstrate a good user experience are preferred by buyers and users, both on the consumer market as well as in the business environment. They are characterized by increased effectiveness and efficiency and lead to happier, and thus more productive users, customers, and employees. In security-critical applications, such as in control rooms or for medical devices, good usability and user experience is increasingly becoming a legal requirement. Technical criteria, such as functionality, reliability, and performance are fulfilled by a variety of available IT solutions. As a result, buyers and users are increasingly choosing products based upon UUX aspects as well. A look at the industries shows that the industrial and logistics industry has the largest share of UUX projects (about 39%). UUX projects are also now widespread in e-commerce (about 31%), in the financial services industry (about 22%), in the automotive sector (21%), and in healthcare (16%).* However, ex- »In the Future Center Europe from VOLKSWAGEN AG, we deal with the future of mobility. One thing is certain: Our future is digital. Thanks to the highly dynamic scene in Berlin/Potsdam – with a good mix of business and creativity – this location is the best choice for us in Europe.« Ulrike Müller Future Center Europe Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam GmbH Head UX Designer »Berlin is an important, international event location for designers and usability experts. With many creative agencies, an extraordinary user experience scene, and many design conferences, Berlin is the adopted home or top destination for creatives from Germany and around the world. Between Stockholm and Milan, Paris and Warsaw, Berlin is an excellent place for designers, usability professionals, and UX consultants.« Jan Jursa MOBX Mobile UX Summit Founder pertise or knowledge about the appropriate methods are often lacking. The capital region is strongly positioned in this regard with its numerous service providers for usability and user experience testing and analysis, management consulting, prototype development, information architecture, product and industrial design, and design agencies. Larger cluster players such as Zalando, eBay, AVM, SAP, Deutsche Telekom, Akquinet, and many more have maintained their own UUX departments for a long time in order to ensure their market success. UUX in the Capital Region Numerous campaigns to promote design and usability have increased the international reputation of the capital region. Creatives and designers love the inspiring environment and benefit from low office and living costs, giving them room to experiment. Networks such as the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) have more than two hundred design-focused member companies, agencies, institutions, and creatives. In addition to events and formats for networking members, the IDZ carries Source: Berufsverband UX & Usability, German UPA Branchenreport 2016

Developments and trends in the area of interactive products: Virtual and augmented reality, smart home, streaming media, Internet of Things, wearables and fitness/health gadgets, and material design Important annual events: World Usability Day, MobX, IA Konferenz, Innovationskonferenz Design The most popular provider of additional usability and user experience training is the artop Institute – an institute at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin The UX Design Awards honor excellent design and user orientation in products, digital solutions, and services Novel forms of human-computer interaction (HCI) are researched, e.g. at the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, at the University of Potsdam or in the Berlin Brain Computer Interface project Presentation of UX Design Awards nominees at the IFA 2016 in Berlin *Source: Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Business out projectsand events at the national and international level in the UUX exchange with players from politics, culture, and science. Among other things, the IDZ organizes the UX Design Award ceremony every year at the IFA. In science and research, UUX as a topic is covered in numerous chairs of virtually all universities and colleges in the capital region. More than 3,000 students* take advantage of the diverse design-oriented training opportunities at universities and technical colleges, e.g. usability engineer, interface designer, human factors specialist, interface architect, engineer-psychologist, occupational scientist, or organizational and business psychologist. The Design & Usability working group was created in July 2016 in order to increase awareness of the topics of usability and user experience in business and politics. It is made up of representatives from business, science, politics, associations, and networks. In addition to coordination and interstate networking, the initiation of cooperations is also part of the working group’s undertaking. »The experience in many of the projects that involved optimizing a product has shown me that usability and design go hand in hand. Anyone uncovering a usability issue also has to provide design solutions to fix it. For the cooperation of human factors experts and designers, which by the way is necessary, the capital region offers an ideal environment.« »Designers develop solutions from the user’s perspective. With this approach, complex technologies and processes can be used to create intuitive and successful products. Technology companies in particular find an enormous number of partners in the design industry of the dynamic capital region.« Ake Rudolph International Design Center Berlin Strategic Leadership | Head of Strategy Community and Events The relevance of the topic is also reflected in numerous events in Berlin and Brandenburg. Various conference formats such as the World Usability Day Berlin, the Innovationskonferenz Design, the IA Konferenz, the MobX Summit, the UXCamp Europe, or the Human Machine Systems workshop in Berlin deal closely with the topic of design and UUX in various facets. Design and UUX also play an important role at event formats that are not superficially concerned with the topic such as at Droidcon, Berlin Buzzwords, Mobile Tech/IoT-Conference, BITKOM Trendkongress, VR Now CON, Design Days Brandenburg, among others. Thus, a very lively community of freelancers, students, and employees has formed around UUX topics. Of particular note: Science Design Research Lab der Universität der Künste School of Design Thinking des Hasso Plattner Instituts Hasso-Plattner-Institut Hybrid Plattform Fachbereich Design der Fachhochschule Potsdam UxLab Usability Labor, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin ViNN:Lab an der TH Wildau Interface of Science and Business An-Institut der HU Berlin, Artop An-Institut der TU Berlin, T-Labs Brandenburger Agentur für Kultur und Kreativwirtschaft Internationales Design Zentrum Prof. Dr. Manfred Thüring Technische Universität Berlin, Department of Psychology and Ergonomics, Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics Specialty – IxDA Berlin – Berlin User Experience Designer – AG Design & Usability – ProductTank Berlin

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