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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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86 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace The Noise Prevention Cooperative Services • Noise prevention in large-scale infrastructure projects, such as airports and traffic routes for trains and cars The NiELS eG network of innovative companies for energy conservation and noise prevention includes over 40 very diverse partners (SMEs, research institutions, universities) and promotes professionalism and acoustic/energetic standardisation in building redevelopment. The introduction of BIM to the redevelopment process should increase the proportion of prefabricated buildings and make the prefabrication method more prevalent in redevelopment. Another aim is to introduce natural and sustainable resources to as much of the construction industry as possible. Since 2010, R&D projects have been conducted to this end, following a chain of processes starting with geo-mapping and followed by large-scale noise mapping, which culminates in the actual execution of construction work. The main goal is to reconcile, coordinate and prepare members’ products and services so that NiELS eG is perceived as a system provider by large infrastructure operators and also to encourage potential contracting entities to first consider offers from the network members. In the medium-term, the NiELS cooperative hopes to initiate and progress technical developments in the coming years with the help of organised cooperation among members and funded by government grants. In the long-term, NiELS hopes to bundle wellmatched measures for noise protection and energy conservation, defined by the capabilities of members, which can be prepared and offered as system solutions catered to demand. However, the declared purpose also includes partial solutions that intersect with upstream and downstream service providers. NiELS eG hopes to organize a central acquisition unit to allow the NiELS management to tap into markets and client bases alike, as members are supported in acquiring their respective clientele. For this, appropriate measures are implemented in central marketing and through cross-selling incentives. Under the supervision of the NiELS management and geared towards market demand, developments in hardware and software will be controlled centrally and oriented towards the free integration of interfaces into the entire process. The main target markets are operators of large infrastructure entities that are noise polluters (primarily airports and railways in Germanspeaking countries), relevant state authorities, as well as those affected by noise, and municipalities and municipal facilities that need to conserve energy. • BIM Building Information Modeling – Planning, implementation and management of buildings with the help of software • Virtual Reality – Planning of infrastructure measures by modeling the environment and demonstrating its capacity for change • Industry 4.0 – Merging production with the digital world Contact NiELS eG – Netzwerk innovativer Unternehmen für Energie- und Lärmschutzsanierung Bissingzeile 11, 10785 Berlin +49 30 7619000 +49 30 76190099

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace | 87 Our Audi lunar quattro on the surface of the moon PTScientists Services On a mission to the moon • Development of aerospace technologies • Distribution of payload allocation for lunar orbit and landing • Co-working space Part-Time Scientists GmbH is a research and development company with the long-term objective of enabling SMEs to access space more easily and cost-effectively using innovative technologies. The firm was founded in 2009 with the idea of implementing the first private mission to the moon. In partnership with AUDI AG and a number of other technology and research partners, such as the German Aeronautics and Space Research Centre (DLR), it has developed innovative rover and landing concepts. Its self-developed moon landing concept, ALINA, is uniquely agile and can be adapted for many carrier rockets, thereby offering an unbeatable payload and unprecedented flexibility. The moon rover developed for the harsh lunar environment is another of the mission’s key technologies: it is possible to explore the surface of the moon using a multi-spectral camera and unique drive technology. Its first mission, planned for 2018, will focus on investigating the Apollo 17 landing site, in order to continue where Apollo left off 43 years ago. Building on the results from the missions of that time, additional knowledge is expected to be gained, increasing understanding of how the moon can be used as the starting point for further aerospace activities. The head office of the growing company is located in the Berlin Marzahn district. As well as research, development and administration, the 2,200 m 2 building also houses a test area, integration rooms and production facilities. Part of PTScientists’ premises is also available as a co-working space. Contact Part-Time Scientists GmbH Märkische Allee 82a, 12681 Berlin +49 30 92036481 +49 30 92036483

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