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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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80 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace Key Business Location In an attractive setting in the heart of Europe, Schönhagen Airport is one of Germany’s key airfields Optimally developed for business aviation, Schönhagen Airport is the most frequented general aviation airfield in the new German states. An instrument approach (GPS approach), legally approved since June 2016, Schönhagen offers even more development opportunities. With 180 aircraft currently stationed in its hangars, Schönhagen has become the most important alternative airport to BER, the capital region’s future commercial airport, in the “up to 12 ton in maximum take-off mass (MTOM)” aircraft category. Today, 500 companies from Germany and Europe regularly use Schönhagen Airport. Its attractive location at the centre of the highgrowth business region between southern Berlin, Potsdam and the Schönefelder Kreuz is a source of added momentum for Schönhagen. The location offers business travellers optimal conditions for business charter, as well as hangar space for airplanes and helicopters. Both commercial and private pilots appreciate the airfield’s outstanding infrastructure, which includes conference rooms for events with up to 300 people that can be booked at short notice, a shuttle service, rental cars and bicycles, limousine service directly from the apron, a charging point and an EC cash machine in the terminal. Schönhagen also features excellent accessibility and extensive services for pilots and passengers such as top food service, pilot lounge, traveller lounge and a pilot-style guesthouse. Schönhagen is not only an airfield, but also an expert partner for innovative inward investment, conferences and events. Around 40 companies, as well as associations and organisations have successfully set up shop in the modern offices and commercial halls of the airfield’s Aviation Technology Park. They focus on airplane and helicopter maintenance as well as training for all pilot licenses – including airline and commercial helicopter pilots. At Schönhagen, companies also produce aircraft and supervise research projects on aviation-related themes. From Arctic expeditions to survey flights, the companies from Schönhagen are active in the global market. With its Aviation Technology Park, Schönhagen is one of the most important business locations in the region. Services • Attractive support point with outstanding infrastructure for commercial and private pilots • Optimal conditions for business charter and stationing airplanes and helicopters • Expert partner for inward investment, conferences, events and innovative technologies • Popular film and photo location Contact Flugplatzgesellschaft Schönhagen mbH Flugplatz Haus 2 14959 Trebbin OT Schönhagen +49 33731 3050 +49 33731 30525

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace | 81 German Orbital Systems Demystifying Rocket Science Services • Tailored Turnkey Satellites with Customer Payloads • Launch Service and Frequency Coordination German Orbital Systems is a company, founded by two former scientific assistants from the Technische Universität Berlin in 2014. GOS specialises in developing and building small satellites, with a strong emphasis on so called CubeSats. CubeSats are made up of multiples of 10 × 10 × 11.35 cm cubic units with a mass of no more than 1.33 kilograms per unit. Typical sizes are 3U or 6U CubeSats. Based on our proprietary building block system, we provide turnkey satellite missions, including the spacecraft and its launch. Our satellites portfolio covers the whole spectrum, from a simple 1U CubeSat to a highly sophisticated 100 kg remote sensing satellite. The turnkey package is complemented by services like frequency coordination or mission operations which can be added on request. Due to our close cooperation with our sister company ECM space technologies, we are able to guarantee an integration of a random customer payload into a satellite and its launch into space within 18 months after signing the contract. We are convinced that innovation in many cases also depends on the speed of realisation. This makes us confident that our unique offer creates a real value for the NewSpace community by guaranteeing the launch as part of the package. • Electronic Components and Subsystems for Small Satellites • Separation Systems and Satellite Dispensers • Feasibility Studies, Research and Consulting • Technology Transfer and Trainings The revolution of the space business started in Silicon Valley. Now it has reached Europe, and it’s about time for Germany, and its capital region, to understand that the 21st century has begun, and to take an active role in it. We at German Orbital Systems are proud to contribute our small part to this exciting new movement with our passion and our commitment. Contact German Orbital Systems GmbH Reuchlinstr. 10–11, 10553 Berlin +49 30 34060309

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