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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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76 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace Drones Innovations for economic civil use Services • We bring together companies along the entire value chain • We initiate partnerships – projects, research, exchanges The use of unmanned aircraft systems now represents a large and growing market. Many possible applications have already been presented numerous times, as many scenarios are covered by the wishful thought: “that could be done using drones.” As great as the expectations for these high-tech devices are, so many initial tasks have already been solved with their help. However, significant technological and technical efforts must still be made in order to turn these fascinating unmanned aircraft systems into economically useful tools for everyday business. The association CURPAS e. V., which is headquartered in the Aerospace Technology Centre Schönefelder Kreuz in Wildau, was founded in this context, with significant support from the state of Brandenburg. “CURPAS” stands for “Civil Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems” – which clearly defines our goals. We initiate innovations for the growing market of drone applications. We make contributions to political issues on the civil use of drones. We contribute to the social discussion on the civil use of drones. CURPAS e. V. makes decisive contributions to support the projected development of the market – also via continued professionalisation along the entire value chain. We use our events to provide information on current research & development topics in the field of unmanned aircraft systems and their use in various application fields. • We connect solution partners – for new technologies and for their application • We make contributions to standardisation – for your competitiveness • We provide comprehensive information – technical, technological and general conditions • Become a member! Contact Our members currently include drone suppliers and manufacturers, scientific institutes, service providers, as well as – primarily, as was our intention – system users and users of the data provided by drones. CURPAS is actively involved in association networks in Germany and at the EU level. CURPAS e. V. (CIVIL USE OF REMOTELY PILOTED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS) Located at Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt Schönefelder Kreuz c/o Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Dahme-Spreewald mbH Freiheitstr. 120, 15745 Wildau +49 173 2604887

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace | 77 Research centre for aviation security Think tank develops and tests new ideas on aviation security for tomorrow Services • Systematic dissemination of information on the results achieved • Analysis and assessment of opportunities and risks of new processes in enhancing aviation security Aviation security – the defense against terrorist and criminal threats in accordance with international regulations. For passengers, this means primarily an impairment of the travel experience for airport operators primarily an organisational challenge: security checks take time, space and money. The EASC operates security research and cooperates with partners from industry and science. There are developing solutions that increase the effectiveness while maintaining the necessary security standards while helping reduce the cost of these processes. SECURITY INCREASE As an example, the concept of the gate-of-Trust. The centerpiece is the equalisation of control processes using general current high-performance sensors for early detection of explosive and hazardous materials. It examines how future sensor networks can be integrated into an airport environment, and whether the information obtained qualify for a specific control. RESEARCH LOCATION SCHÖNHAGEN The EASC is engaged in the research and development of security processes and technologies, including video analysis method for automatically tracking suspicious persons, but also in the practical assessment of the benefits and risks of unmanned aerial systems. As a recognised research centre, Schönhagen Airport offers the distinct advantage of a real operating infrastructure. This is used without those restrictions that would otherwise result from the usual security requirements for airports. The EASC remains committed to the safe integration of drones in the airspace and in the exploration of the dangers, which arise, from the rapid and mass distribution and the misuse of this technology. This includes evaluation and testing of protective technologies and concepts, and publications to raise awareness of user groups and the public. In this context, the EASC is also an active member of relevant associations and in DIN Standardisation Committee to unmanned aviation equipment. • Exchange of information with experts and institutions at home and abroad as well as the organisation of events, conferences, symposia, workshops, and training Contact EASC European Aviation Security Center e. V. Flugplatz, Haus 2 14959 Trebbin-Schönhagen +49 33731 289898 +49 30 62200068

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