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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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70 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace AIRTEAM drones-as-a-service Services • Photos • Videos • Panorama • 360°-Videos • Inspections What does AIRTEAM do? AIRTEAM is a drone-as-a-service provider, who creates stunning aerial photos, videos, 360, 3D models and inspections. We offer aerial drone services all over Germany catering for customers in real estate, energy, construction and TV & events. What makes AIRTEAM unique is our own Preview software. Directly after we receive a customer request we send a free 3D visualisation of the requested drone flight to our customer. In this way, our customers (1) know exactly what the drone pilot will shoot, (2) our pilots know exactly what shots to take and (3) we can speed up the process from order to delivery by 2x in comparison to other drone services. What is the idea behind AIRTEAM? There are many talented drone pilots all over Germany that have great piloting and camera skills, but sometimes lack the passion and skills for professional marketing and sales. We at AIRTEAM are experts in finding customers that need aerial imagery. We then hand the drone flying to our expert pilots for fulfilment, creating a Win-Win-Win situation for pilots, customers, and for AIRTEAM. Who are the people behind AIRTEAM? Thomas Gorski (Founder & Team Captain) combines 10 years of marketing, sales and entrepreneurial experience in large corporations and startups. Gautier Chapuis (Founder & Engineering Lead) combines 15 years of aerospace and engineering experience in large corporations. • Virtual tours • 3D model • Thermal imaging Contact AIRTEAM Rigaer Str. 67, 10247 Berlin +49 160 96810041

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace | 71 AQUILA A211 – perfect training and cross country aircraft HAND MADE in GERMANY AQUILA Aviation built the innovative VLA aircraft AQUILA A211 Services • Development and manufacturer of the AQUILA A210 & A211 • Maintenance/Repairs for AQUILA A210 & A211 AQUILA Aviation is a growing medium-sized company located at Schönhagen airfield. We offer perfection down to the last detail, top class workmanship and are extremely proud of the label “Made in Germany”. At our manufacturing facility in the south of Berlin, we are currently producing our latest highlight: the AQUILA A211, a modern, innovative and certified VLA aircraft. Our AQUILA A211 is built of fibre composite materials and consists of approximately 300 separate CFK/GFK components and in cooperation with our partners and suppliers, we command a strong, motivated and reliable network. The A211 is designed for pilot training as well as a cost-effective cruising aircraft for private pilots. Our A211 is currently approved in more than 10 countries, including Australia, Norway, Great Britain, France, Austria and Switzerland and is favourite with clubs, flying schools and private pilots. After the approval by the EASA, the A210 & A211 can be operated under Day-VFR-conditions and under Night-VFR-conditions. Furthermore, we are a centre of excellence for fibre composite materials and provide the full range of maintenance, repairs and modifications on your aircraft made of fibre composite of up to 2 tons MTOW as well as sailplanes and motorgliders plus ROTAX and CAMO-Service. In our own paint shop, we offer professional painting work in high quality. Whether you want a “Makeover”, a complete repainting or as part of the Maintenance, we give a whole new shine. In January 2016 BPlas (Bursa Plastic, Metal, Construction, Energy, Mining, Geothermal, Tourism and Agriculture Industry and Trade Corp.) from Turkish industrial hub Bursa, which operates mainly in the area of plastic injection molding, acquired AQUILA Aviation. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology employed by BPlas along with its expertise in the fields of construction, development, thermoplastic molding, tool manufacture and surface coating, BPlas is one of Turkey’s largest suppliers of automotive parts. The company can look back on a 150-year long tradition of industrial manufacturing. Splendid connections with the Turkish aerospace industry add to BPlas’ activities in the automotive supplies field. • Maintenance/Repairs for gliders, motor gliders, and microlight airplanes in composite fibre technology (CFT), repairing of components in CFT • Engineering Services • Mould construction: manufacturing of CNC-milled mouldes for fibre composite components • CAMO-Service Contact AQUILA Aviation International GmbH OT Schönhagen – Flugplatz 14959 Trebbin +49 33731 7070 +49 33731 70711

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